The Virtuous Women Present Public Speaking Tips

The Literary Corner podcast co-hosts talk about the importance of mastering communication and public speaking skills as a non-fiction author.

Denver, CO, November 12, 2006 --( Join ‘The Virtuous Women’, Dr. Taffy Wagner and Ms. Bettye Jamerson, co-hosts of the Literary Corner podcast, this Monday, November 13, 2006 to learn about the importance of communicating effectively to an audience as a speaker.

Non-fiction authors need to think of themselves beyond the scope of just being a writer. “When you write that first book you need to think in terms of being an expert that will teach workshops and seminars, and make speeches. You are a speaker as well as an author,” comments Dr. Taffy Wagner.

There are many things to keep in mind when making a speech or presentation. One’s facial expressions and voice tone need to complement and work in concert to present unity between the speaker and their message. “You need to be very aware of the non-verbal messages and signals that you are sending while you speak,” comments Ms. Jamerson, “it is a good idea to practice speaking in front of a mirror or even video tape yourself speaking so you can see how you come across to an audience.”

During the show Dr. Wagner and Ms. Jamerson address the anxiety that commonly accompanies public speaking. “Remember, it’s not about you, it’s about giving your audience valuable information they can use. Don’t make more out of the speaking engagement than it warrants,” says Dr. Wagner.

The ‘Virtuous Women’ give non-fiction authors some pointers that will help them prepare for their presentation ahead of time, tune in to see what those are.

Ms. Bettye Jamerson and Dr. Taffy Wagner are published authors and public speakers. The have a wealth of experience in the publishing and promotion arena. Dr. Wagner is the author of 'Debt Dilemma' and ‘Homebuyer’s Helper’. Ms. Jamerson is the author of 'Love: The Greatest Choice of All', and 'For the Love of Beulah: Finding your Purpose in Life'.

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