Frextr Brings Small Business Rates to Text Message Marketing Advertising

Frextr the leading provider of turn-key text message advertising programs introduces a small business price. One fixed monthly rate. Unlimited messages. Unlimited subscribers. No message fees. No contract.

Chicago, IL, April 03, 2010 --( Frextr, a Pasadena-based text message advertising company, announces their flat rate pricing. No contracts. No per message fees. No per customer fees. Just fifty bucks a month.

$49.95 per month. That’s it. Unlimited messages. Unlimited subscribers. No message fees. No contracts. No set up fees.

“Now, more than ever, business owners need to focus on driving sales. Repeat business. New business. Sell. Sell. Sell.” says Heather Mlodinow, Frextr principal.

“For 20 years, our job has been to choose marketing technology for our clients. Today, we have a new group of consumers who don’t really get why people email. They text. A trillion times a year in the U.S. alone.

“Reaching this group can actually double the number of people who see an ad. The text insider glances at his phone, absorbs an offer, and can instantly change direction. The mobile phone extends a retail storefront in a way that is making everyone re-think local marketing.

“When our business clients asked us to help them with text message marketing, we hunted for a product that fit their needs. We were really disappointed at the prices. Most set up fees were non-starters. Even if the set up fees were within reach, the costs add up quickly—and unpredictably—with per message or per subscriber charges. It was a disincentive to actually send the messages.

“You have to send texts to have a successful text message program. A business should not be penalized for having a large list of customers who want text message offers. When a customer signs up for text promotions, he expects and Wants texts. The program has to remain affordable. We built Frextr for our clients to be just that. And it’s grown from there.”

Frextr is the leader in turn-key text message advertising programs for local businesses. Any business can register online. Enter the business organization, choose your text message program name; and check-out. In less than 20 minutes, you are ready to start building your list and sending them text message promotions.

Don’t know how to build your list? No problem. Frextr provides collateral templates and other helpful guidance to help you build your customer-insider list quickly. And they don’t stop there.

Frextr’s start-up kit gives you instruction on everything from how to write text message offers and to explaining the program to your staff. Frextr also publishes a monthly, best-practice sampler from participating businesses so you become a text-pert in no time.

You can set up your text message advertising program at

$49.95 a month
Unlimited text messages
Unlimited number of subscribers
Quarterly templates to promote your text message advertising
Monthly best-practice publication FreshBites

The application is online now. To get your discount, register your business at Apply promo code ACN1X4 at checkout.

Heather Mlodinow