Green Edge Systems Presents UCView Digital Signage Solutions for K-12 Schools

Green Edge Systems presents the UCView Media digital signage Solutions. UCView Media K-12 Signage Solution offers the ideal system to fit the needs and requirements of any school district.

Woodland Hills, CA, April 04, 2010 --( Green Edge Systems, Inc., leader in technology solutions for K-12schools, present UCView, leader in digital signage solutions for K-12 Schools, Universities and Colleges.

Digital signage is quickly becoming a big part of educational facilities, and the K12 sector is no exception. UCView Media offers the ideal system to fit the needs and requirements of any school district. The UCView software was designed for maximum flexibility and power, providing IT engineers with a dynamic platform that is perfect for establishing a successful digital signage network. At the same time, UCView made sure that even a novice user could easily learn and use the software without having to be tech-savvy.

Highlights of the UCView K-12 Digital Signage Systems:

* UCView’s platform is a web-based solution that allows you to add, update, and manage information displayed on your digital signs from anywhere as long as you have web access.

* UCView's Software as a service option allows an easy start with the UCView system – Start saving from day one with a digital signage system – much lower licensing fees that the actual out of pocket expenditure for signage preparation today

* EZBoard, a content creation tool, to quickly and easily update on-screen content via the web portal, instead of creating and uploading new layouts for each update, design a page once and use it as a template for any future updates.

* School district management, individual school or individual school departments have direct control of their dedicated displays or fields in displays that they are authorized to control. UCView has a system within a system approach that allows individual schools and departments to have the look and feel of a dedicated signage system while being part of a unified signage system.

* Possibility to utilize the school’s existing PCs and computer displays existing displays (such as CRT television sets) for the network

* Posting Approval System – easy to set up approval system to assure that only approved content is published on the signage system.

* The UCView platform allows easy integration between other networks such as the Smart Board or Blackboar network in schools and easy publishing of all or parts of the info displayed on the display network.

* Video library feature allows easy integration of video content into the signage system.

* Feed manager – allows easy integration with external feeds (RSS, XML)

* Viewing of all connected displays in real time on one web based screen!

* Centralized control lets manage the entire network from one location remotely.

* Deliver content in any format – still images, flash animations, PowerPoint presentations, videos.

* Schedule in advance all of your desired content.

* With UCView's K12 digital signage system, School District can communicate with all students through a single access point. Schools can reach students and faculty with event schedules, emergency bulletins, class notices, and event promotions while reducing paper, ink and plastics consumption.

* The UCView K12 Signage System delivers a myriad of messages across schools through digital signage in lobbies, entrances, cafeterias, gymnasiums and interactive kiosks.

* Instantly update content to provide up-to-the-minute information on school events and announcement, sports scores, weather, transportation and more.

* Digital signage stimulates interest in school programs by demonstrating processes, informing students of special guest lectures and even broadcasting previously recorded lectures.

* The system network can be converted in an instant to an emergency broadcast system. District or school security can provide visual and audio emergency alert messages across the district or in specific schools or area, immediately capturing viewers’ attention and helping ensure their safety.

* The Signage system can direct students to safe areas and informing them of appropriate actions.

* Easily upgrade from one display in one location to thousands in multiple locations thanks to the scalable nature of the platform.

* Administrators don’t need to be IT technicians to update content thanks to an intuitive interface.

* Signage to mail application allows schedule distribution of the content on the signage system to different audience including students, parents, teachers and school employees.

* TV tuner integration available for streaming live television.

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