Free the Weed Tour to Visit 420 Cities on 4/20

How Weed Won the West, film on marijuana legalization, is launching a Free the Weed Tour. The film will attempt to host screenings in 420 cities nationwide on 4/20.

Metuchen, NJ, April 04, 2010 --( Nationwide screenings of the film How Weed Won the West will take place on April 20, 2010. In the self-proclaimed “Free the Weed Tour,” this event is meant to bring further attention to the marijuana legalization debate and start a true dialogue on the issue.

How Weed Won the West, by Kevin Booth, acclaimed director of American Drug War, takes the viewer inside the world of California’s new dispensaries and the mixed law enforcement around it. Including interviews from a diverse range of advocates, including a former LAPD cop, the film is set to cause rousing debate.

The Free the Weed Tour is a true grassroots effort by advocates across the nation to keep the legalization issue front and center in the media. Screenings are being held in venues ranging from full theaters to small community gatherings in peoples homes. Individuals and groups from all parts of the US, as well as Canada and the United Kingdom, are registering to host their own screenings at:

Passion River Films
Mat Levy