US Firm Introduces New Line of Folding Bicycles

Shinn Fu Companies of America Inc. announces that it is launching a new line of folding bicycles to the U.S. Market.

Kansas City, MO, April 04, 2010 --( Kansas City firm introduces the EverYoung Folding Bicycle

Shinn Fu Company of America, Inc., (SFA) is introducing a new line of folding bicycles, made by Oyama of Taiwan, an award-winning manufacturer of specialty bicycles, to the United States market.

SFA will market the Oyama bicycles under the EverYoung brand. The first EverYoung folding bicycle, a 29-pound high-value city bike with a seven-speed Shimano derailleur and alloy wheels, is now exclusively available on the SFA online store, ValuePipeline.

SFA plans to introduce more models, including a “tricked out” road bike for the high-end rider and a mountain bike-oriented product, as well as rider accessories like bags, fanny packs and reflectors. Along with the new models, SFA intends to make its EverYoung web site, now under development, a source for information and instruction about folding and specialty bicycles.

“Folding bicycles combine the environmental and health benefits of bicycling with the convenience and utility of a bike that can easily fit under your desk,” said Arthur Chaykin, Business Development Coordinator for SFA’s Specialty Bike business. “We’re excited to offer a product that can reduce pollution caused by urban commuting, reduce our dependency on foreign oil, and deliver the benefit of improved health through exercise.”

“You can ride this bike to work, fold it up, carry it to the elevator and stash it in your cubicle,” he noted. “Instead of risking theft, you can keep this bike with you in your classroom, your office, or your apartment. And if you want to transport it, you don’t have to buy expensive and cumbersome bike racks – you just fold it up and drop it in the trunk.”

The first model is the RC270, a durable, ready-to-ride model that folds and unfolds in seconds. With alloy wheels and the Shimano derailleur, the EverYoung offers features comparable on more expensive models. The EverYoung meets all safety requirements specified by the Consumer Products Safety Commission.

For more than 30 years, SFA has developed a reputation in the United States for high-quality automotive lifting tools, automotive products and accessories. SFA will extend its ISO-certified automotive and industrial distribution, logistical, and customer service support system to the bicycle market.

“This bike comes fully assembled and ready to go, but if you do need to call customer service, you will be speaking with experienced folks right here in Kansas City, Missouri,” said Chaykin.

For more information about SFA and EverYoung bicycles, visit SFA’s Value Pipeline website or contact Arthur Chaykin at (816) 891-6390.

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