EntropySoft Supports CMIS, Kerberos and Offers a New User Experience

For better interoperability, the content hub is now CMIS-compatible and can work with the latest Web Services standards.

Paris, France, April 06, 2010 --(PR.com)-- EntropySoft, the global leader for Content Management Interoperability, today released a new version of its Content Hub. The Content Hub can be connected to more than 35 content repository types and offers a centralized access point to all documents, as well as cross-repositories features.

For a simpler user-experience, and for the first time in the data-integration market, content transfers can be managed in a web interface, with no technical skills required.

For better interoperability, the content hub is now CMIS-compatible and can work with the latest Web Services standards.

For tighter security management, the content hub is fully compatible with Kerberos.

A unique differentiator for EntropySoft’s Content Hub is that its web interface can be used by everyone in a company to manage complex transfers with no technical skills. This is a major improvement that fits well in today’s digital proliferation and increased content fragmentation. In a few clicks, a user can do a federated search and specify where the documents have to be transferred. There are no longer complex parameters to set and no more complicated mapping to develop. These requirements are taken into consideration beforehand, when building the content transfer bridges. A major improvement is that the content bridges linking two repositories are dynamic.

Therefore, it is now possible to have business units managing on their own the content transfers in the extended enterprise, including transfers to and from the cloud. This is also true for Records Management and archiving. Thanks to the help of content transfer bridges, permissions are replicated, metadata are automatically mapped and there is full-traceability for all transfer of documents.

Additionally, EntropySoft customers will benefit from CMIS-compliance by all EntropySoft software. CMIS is the new Content Management Interoperability Standard backed by ECM software vendors. CMIS is planned to receive its final approval in April 2010, but already EntropySoft is complying with the new market standard. The 35+ read-write connectors that are at the heart of the Content Hub are also CMIS-compatible, effectively normalizing the access to the most popular content-centric applications. The Content Hub is also implementing Web Services Security, the flexible and feature-rich extension to SOAP for applying security to Web services, as well as MTOM, a method of efficiently sending binary data to and from Web services.

Finally, all EntropySoft software now supports the Kerberos standard. Kerberos provides secure user authentication with an industry standard that permits interoperability. Kerberos is the default authentication system that is used in Windows 2000 and its newer versions. Many applications such as SharePoint, Exchange, Alfresco or FileNet also support Kerberos. Therefore, Content Hub now benefits from this true Windows-integrated Single Sign On solution.

All major Enterprise Content Management Systems are present in EntropySoft’s connectivity portfolio: Microsoft SharePoint, EMC Documentum Content Server, IBM FileNet P8, Interwoven TeamSite, Alfresco and more. All connectors have been fully tested on large implementations in critical business projects. All connectors will be CMIS compliant as soon as the standard is approved.

EntropySoft brings Content Management Intelligence to its customers.

About EntropySoft
EntropySoft is focusing on the integration of unstructured data in the global Data Integration market. An information-access expert, EntropySoft’s mission is to facilitate content access and make content interoperability easy.

EntropySoft technology is used by software vendors and large companies to simplify the integration between their solution and Enterprise content management solutions. Application fields are numerous: Enterprise Search, BPM, e-discovery, Records Management, Collaboration, Data Loss Prevention, Multi Function Printers...). EntropySoft has the most extensive read / write CMIS-compliant connector portfolio in the market.

EntropySoft also has a Content ETL for transfers between repositories and cloud synchronization, as well as a CMIS-compliant Content Hub which provides a single access point to all the unstructured data in a company.

The following leading global organizations integrate EntropySoft connectors: Attivio, BA-Insight, Coveo, Digital Reef, Endeca, Exalead, IDS Scheer, Image Integration Systems, Jahia, Kazeon, Qualiware and W4.

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