Chronicles Famous Mesothelioma Patients' Struggles chronicles the life of Merlin Olsen, football star and actor through his struggle with mesothelioma cancer.

Denver, CO, April 06, 2010 --(, a leader in online personal injury legal information, has announced its most recent blog post, a somber tribute to Merlin Olsen and a sobering reminder of the spread of asbestos exposure and proliferation of asbestos cancer.

Merlin Olsen was larger-than-life figure, both in his physical state and his mental acuity. Olsen played football for the Los Angeles Rams between 1962 and 1974, and was part of a stifling defensive front known as the "Fearsome Foursome." Selected to fourteen consecutive Pro Bowl appearances, Olsen was a commanding presence on the field. Later in his life, he migrated to the world of radio and television, providing commentary for the NFL for a number of years before moving to a career in acting. Olsen was seen on several famous shows, including "Little House on the Prairie" and "Father Murphy." In 2009, Olsen was diagnosed with mesothelioma and contacted a mesothelioma lawyer shortly thereafter to file a lawsuit.

Olsen had made claims that he was first exposed to asbestos during his childhood, working in a manual labor capacity at his school. Later, during high school and college, Olsen worked full days with probable exposure to asbestos. Since mesothelioma cancer can take decades to manifest, Olsen was unaware that he was at risk for developing such a rare cancer. Indeed, with the increase in practice of mesothelioma law according to many law firms, it would seem hard to ignore the possibility of developing asbestos-related cancers due to asbestos exposure.

Olsen's death further highlights the danger of asbestos exposure and the possibility of the serious health concerns that can arise as a result. Recently, there has been an increase in awareness, both in people's personal lives and media attention. This is due in part to high-profile exposure cases as well as statistics showing that mesothelioma cases are on the rise. Indeed, mesothelioma lawsuits have also seen a jump over the past decade. According to calculations by the Center for Disease Control, mesothelioma deaths are expected to peak around 2010 in the United States whereas in the United Kingdom, the Health and Safety Executive predicted mesothelioma cases would continue to rise until 2016. provides mesothelioma cancer resources as well as a host of information on other personal injury topics, including construction site accidents.

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