Silver Connections Owner Expands Membership to Caregivers

Silver Connections is expanding their membership to include caregivers. These individuals who are taking care of an ill spouse can benefit from the socializing opportunities that Silver Connections provides.

Raleigh, NC, April 07, 2010 --( Laura Kay House, owner of Silver Connections, has announced that she has expanded membership to include those individuals age 55+ who are taking care of a spouse who is ill, often called a caregiver.

Caregiving can be stressful and may contribute to serious depression. A substantial body of research shows that family members who provide care to individuals with chronic or disabling conditions are themselves at risk. Emotional, mental, and physical health problems arise from complex caregiving situations and the strains of caring for an ill spouse.

Silver Connections provides socializing opportunities for age 55+ adults and can provide a much needed break from the daily stress of caregiving and provide opportunities to get out, socialize with others and a respite from chores. A movie, dinner, exercise activity or other completely planned event can take their mind off of their daily responsibilities.

Quote: “I am thrilled to offer membership to Silver Connections to those adults who are age 55+ and are caregivers. Although Silver Connections is traditionally an organization for widowed, divorced or never married adults, the socialization opportunities and friends that Silver Connections can provide is a great resource and support for those that are in a caregiving situation,” said House. “Arrangements would have to be made for the member to be able to take a break from caregiving to attend events (possible other family members or friends), but is an excellent opportunity to relieve stress, encourage a sense of belonging and help with possible depression. Avoiding isolation and socializing with others is so important in fighting caregiver burnout.”

About Silver Connections:
Social integration and good social networks are part of the prescription for staying young at heart, happy and aging successfully. Individuals are living longer today more than ever before, but after a death of a spouse or divorce, there may be years alone. Socializing and staying connected with others is important to both physical and mental health.

Silver Connections provides on a full-time basis, single and active adults in this age group, with numerous and a variety of local events for socializing- dinners, theater, sporting events, museum visits, brunch, movies, seminars, new member socials, dancing, holiday parties and more The opportunity to travel with other members, personal service and providing a very nourished and caring community is also a part of membership.

About Laura Kay House:
Laura Kay House has a Bachelor of Social Work undergraduate degree and a Master of Arts graduate degree in Gerontology. Her expertise is in working with the biology and psychology of aging, grief and loss, the positive benefits that socializing and connections have on physical and mental health and reinventing one’s life after 55. Laura Kay’s experience is also in event planning, real estate for exclusively those age 50+ and working in the travel industry for many years.

Laura Kay is the owner of Silver Connections, founded after fulfilling a continued lifelong passion of working with individuals age 55+. In 2007, after many years of research and planning, Ms. House concluded that there were limited opportunities available for those age 55+, who were active adults, to meet others who were also single after the death of a spouse, divorce or never married. Laura Kay wanted to provide quality events and travel as opportunities to meet others of the same age, with similar experiences, in a safe and pressure-free environment that was not a dating or matchmaking service. She decided to take her vision, past experience and education and began Silver Connections as a full time business.

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