CenterPoint Solution Launches New Website Offering Reference Catalog of Video Clips for Microsoft Computer Training to the Masses

CenterPoint Solution, a Microsoft® computer-training firm, launched a new live website on the World Wide Web entitled Drop Work Now with over 1,000 video on-demand training clips today. Designed to save computer users time in their day, It’s the first computer-training website aimed at offering a reference catalog of video clips to the masses for a cost less than a music video download.

South Orange, NJ, April 01, 2010 --( Created by Melanie Gass, President of CenterPoint Solution, this website is designed to as a step-by-step reference catalog of over 1,000 video training clips. It focuses on the popular Microsoft® Office product suite including Word®, Excel®, PowerPoint® and Outlook®. The intent of the video clips is to help every computer user take advantage of the features available in the applications and provide instruction to overcome struggles people find while using the computer. Gass states, "My experience helping thousands worldwide has taught me that most people over the years were never given the luxury of having training for their computer. As a result, they struggle trying to accomplish tasks in their day. I’m so excited to empower everyone that luxury of having a trainer at their side to answer their questions in a quick, easy to use format for an affordable price.”

Center Point Solution
Melanie Gass