Sanitizing Gum Cleaning System Offers Maximum Performance for Schools

Daimer®'s top-of-the-line KleenJet® Ultra 5000CVGP bundles gum elimination, certified germ-killing, and steam cleaning into one unit.

Woburn, MA, April 09, 2010 --( WOBURN, MA, U.S.A. –April 7, 2010- Daimer Industries, Inc.®, a provider of steam cleaning equipment for educational institutions, released an industrial-caliber gum cleaning machine for the most demanding educational consumers. The KleenJet® Ultra 5000CVGP offers top of the line power, plus gum removal and sanitization capabilities.

"We designed this machine for the largest educational customers," said spokesman Matthew Baratta. "The 5000CVGP is a steam cleaner, an anti-bacterial system and a gum cleaning unit all in one."

Steam Cleaner, Chewing Gum Removal Unit

The new 5000CVGP gum cleaning equipment includes Daimer®'s 5000CV steam cleaner unit to which the company added it's Gum-Exterminator® subsystem and Advanced Thermal Ionic Sanitization™ (ATIS®) anti-bacterial technology.

The 3200-watt base steam cleaner unit produces steam with temperatures that can hit 329ºF with pressure levels that can hit 120 psi. The unit sports a wet vacuum and a dry vacuum with maximum column lift of about 2200 mm. The unit includes air purification and a 3 micron HEPA filter to protect against allergens.

ATIS® is a patent-pending architecture that has been certified to kill common pathogens and mold using an ion-based technology.

Gum-Exterminator® is a complete subsystem consisting of a double squeegee tool, six industrial gauge steel brushes and a container of concentrated gum cleaning solution.

KleenJet® Ultra 5000CVGP features a direct water feed capability and self-regulating continuous refill for non-stop cleaning. The machines include oversized boilers, detergent chambers and extraction tanks.

These gum cleaning units include vacuum and steam hose measuring 10 feet. Longer hoses are available at additional cost.

For More Information

Additional information about KleenJet® chewing gum removing equipment, sanitizing steam cleaners and gum cleaning chemicals can be obtained at or by calling Matthew Baratta at (888) 507-2220.

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