Long Term Unemployed Still Have Hope "and Boris" Season 3

Burbank, CA, April 08, 2010 --(PR.com)-- The first 2 episodes of “and Boris” Season 3 are now online at www.andboris.com. This no-budget action/adventure web series produced by an out of work couple guest stars: Todd Stashwick (The Riches, Heroes), Kavi Ladnier (Heroes, Karma Calling)), and T.J. Storm (Punisher:Warzone, Star Trek) and stars J. Anthony McCarthy as Boris.

For the little over a year that executive producers David P. Kronmiller and Jennifer Emily Mc Lean have been out of work, it has not been easy to remain hopeful and optimistic. With an average of 6 applicants for every job available, and with every month that passed without any new prospects, it got harder and harder not to despair.

Thankfully this husband and wife team had a hero in a little web series called “and Boris”. “Originally”, says McLean, “we were desperate to do anything that might bring us closer to where we wanted to be. We were in a panic, having just both lost our jobs within weeks of each other. “and Boris” was an idea that came up and we ran with it. I didn’t know at the time that it would define our lives for the next year.”

The first season was shot quickly on a still camera in movie mode for under $300. According to Mc Lean, “I think the first season was a revelation for us. We went into it to see what we could do with next to nothing and the answer came back, a lot more than we ever thought. Season two was in the works before season one was fully shot. As we delved more and more into this world, we got more and more excited by the possibilities of the world, and the more we worked the more we understood how to make it better, hence season three which we shot for around 50 bucks an episode”.

Mc Lean says working on the series helped save their sanity and kept them motivated and thinking positively about their future. “I don’t think people understand the psychological trauma involved in unemployment, people who think the unemployed are lazy or don’t want to work are severely misguided. We are workaholics without a job. It’s quite a maddening experience. What’s happening with Boris reflects what is happening with us. “and Boris” is about second chances, its about defining and redefining who you are, its about getting beaten to a pulp, bloody and dirty, and still getting up, putting one foot in front of the other and doing what must be done because you are the only one there who can do it. It’s about becoming your own hero.”

As to the future for Mc Lean and husband; “Who knows. We would love this to lead to us being able to work in television or to have the series funded so paying the rent isn’t always our biggest consideration. But there are no guarantees and we knew that going in. More than anything I want people to watch the show. Not just because we spent a year of our lives on it, but because I think they will really enjoy it. There is a heart and hope to the core of this show that I think people will really respond to, I know I do.”

Catch Season 3 of “and Boris” at www.andboris.com

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