ARMSoft Releases Flexible TreeView 2.5 for Easier Handling of Hierarchical Data

Flexible TreeView offers .NET developers a more flexible and easy-to-use tool for working with hierarchical data.

Kiev, Ukraine, April 09, 2010 --( ARMSoft, a vendor of professional development tools and user interface components for .NET, announced a new release of Flexible TreeView for .NET - a treeview-listview-grid hybrid .NET control for easy handling of hierarchical data.

When using standard or third-party components for handling hierarchical data, programmers often encounter many limitations, such as an obscure programming model that makes it difficult to get quickly started with software development, or a lack of features that makes it nearly impossible to implement the initial idea.

Flexible TreeView doesn't have those shortcomings, so it provides the programmer with virtually unlimited opportunities for handling hierarchical data.

With Flexible TreeView, no longer is one limited to displaying only some text and an icon, as various types of data can be easily displayed - for example, textual (plain or HTML), numerical, Yes/No radio button (or check box), list, image (static or animated), color, HTML link, or a popup with any content. The new release also adds the support for a progress bar.

If the programmer needs to display even more types of data, Flexible TreeView makes it possible to draw any static or dynamic content in the treeview, or include any third-party controls within it.

Moreover, Flexible TreeView lets one easily control the appearance and behavior of the data displayed.

Software developers using Flexible TreeView get some unique features unavailable in other treeview controls:

- Soft selection and expandable nodes, so it's possible to display additional information in the node only when the mouse cursor hovers over it, thus keeping some information hidden when not needed;
- The opportunity to display data at multiple levels, which makes it easy to build a professional GUI with only a few lines of code;
- Column span, which lets one merge a few columns to display more data.

Besides, Flexible TreeView also provides automatic text wrapping, summaries, tooltips, in-place edit, load on demand, easy drag & drop between treeviews, other controls, or external applications.

Availability and Pricing
Flexible TreeView fully supports Visual Studio 2005/2008 and .NET 2.0 or later. Trial versions and detailed product information is available at Developer licenses can be purchased starting from US $179. Multi-developer licenses, upgrade subscriptions and source code are also available.

About ARMSoft
ARMSoft is a software development company targeted in creation of highly effective tools for developers and B2B software. Created with passion, ARMSoft products help developers every day to be more productive and deliver reliable applications under budget and on time.

Ruslan Mogilevskiy