ZapitSMS Adds Message Templates to SMS Application

ZapitSMS has added a new Templates feature to their SMS software. The new Message Templates feature allows users to send pre-defined text messages quickly and easily.

Brisbane, Australia, April 09, 2010 --( PC to Mobile text messaging provider, ZapitSMS, has recently introduced a new Templates feature to their SMS software. Templates allow ZapitSMS users quick access to pre-defined text messages, suitable for repeat messages sent by small to large organisations.

The Templates feature is ideal for organisations that desire quick and economical communications and that require standardised messages to go out on a regular basis. For example, medical practices can use Templates for standard appointment reminders and schools can use the feature for absentee notifications and emergency alerts.

Each message created from a Template to each contact can be personalised with the names of the recipients. Creating, editing and deleting the templates are made simple through ZapitSMS WebAdmin or Windows Client.

Daniel Millerson, spokesperson for ZapitSMS says, "We are dedicated to providing the best product and responsive service and the new feature has been added as a result of our customer feedback. We can provide customised and advanced SMS services and offer pricing plans that works for individuals and organisations of all sizes”.

Templates are in addition to the comprehensive range of other features provided by ZapitSMS such as Bulk SMS, Broadcast Groups, Online address book, Web SMS and Scheduled SMS.

Existing ZapitSMS users can already access the new Templates feature through their Web Admin, however must update their Windows Client to start using Templates on their desktop application.

A free trial, as well as more information on the features of ZapitSMS, is available at ZapitSMS desktop messaging is provided by Race River Corporation.

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