Top-Tier Tutoring's Latest Podcast Offers Rebuttal to Recent Article Criticizing the College Prep Industry

In its latest podcast, Mike Rivera of Top-Tier Tutoring provides his thoughts about the recent Smart Money article “Ten Things College-Prep Advisors Won’t Tell You.”

West Orange, NJ, April 10, 2010 --( An article was published recently by Smart Money magazine that allegedly identifies ten things the college prep industry will not tell prospective clients. Top-Tier Tutoring’s latest podcast, “A Reply To Recent Article About College Prep Advisors,” attempts to set the record straight about independent college counselors, and put the industry into proper perspective. The podcast is not a rant, but rather a thoughtful reply to a superficial and sensational article. To listen to the podcast, go to

In this podcast, co-founder, college counselor and tutor Mike Rivera of Top-Tier Tutoring addresses each of the ten bullet points contained in the article. For example, the first point is that high school guidance counselors can do the same work for free. Rivera references the study by Dr. Patricia McDonough that determined a high school student will spend approximately 38 minutes per year with his or her guidance counselor for college advising. He also points to the recent Public Agenda report, “Can I Get A Little Advice Here?” This report finds that six in ten young adults who had gone on to further education gave their high school counseling poor grades for college advice. Clearly, while many high school guidance counselors are fully capable of performing the work that an independent college counselor provides, they simply do not have thirty or so hours to devote to each student that an independent counselor is hired to carry out.

“I read the article and felt it was giving high school parents misinformation about the college prep industry, and was compelled to set the record straight,” explains Rivera. He continues: “Parents really just want to do the best thing to help their children down the path to college and beyond. The article contains some idealistic goals that do not comport with the reality of the public – and private – school systems. It also contains statements that simply are wrong and needed to be either put into context or explained properly. I want parents to have the full picture in front of them before deciding to forego an opportunity with an independent college counselor that could change their child’s course in life.”

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