New Design Horizontal Swarf Centrifuges Launched

Swarf Centrifuging - In metal cutting operations where cutting fluids are used, the swarf absorbs a large amount of coolant. What is desired is dry chips that are easy to handle and cutting fluids that can be reclaimed and fed back to the cutting operation, either directly or via a filtering stage. Centrifuging, filtering of the cutting fluid and removal of the dry swarf can be handled by a continuously working swarf handling system, where manual labour often can be entirely eliminated.

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Less than half of the cutting fluid in the swarf can be recovered through static settling and draining. By means of a wringer or centrifuge the recovery can be increased to 90%. Lubriserv can show you horizontally configured centrifuging installations which can be paid-off in a few months.

The Environment

Through continuous wringing of swarf and reclaiming of cutting fluid, spill is avoided. Centrifuging and recovery of cutting fluids also means that your shop takes on its responsibility for the environment and care for the water-ways.

'The centrifuge that turns the centrifuging technique upside down.'

Lubriserv markets a specialised swarf centrifuge, type HD. In contrast to other centrifuges the HD centrifuges have a horizontally suspended drum. This simplifies the centrifuging of swarf and coolant - more capacity at less money.
The centrifuge is completely emptied after every working period. This reduces the cleaning of the centrifuge to a minimum.

There is a front access door for quick inspection and for maintenance of drum and wedge wire screen. All parts are easily accessible.

The HD centrifuge works at a very high number of revolutions and gives therefore a high G-force, in other words a good de-oiling.

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