Web Alliance International Adds Behavioral Target Marketing as a New Service to Help Small Business Owners Compete Against Their Larger Competitors

Behavioral Target Marketing Service - a new service to help small business owners.

Toms River, NJ, April 11, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Web Alliance International, Inc. is offering a new service, Behavioral Target Marketing. This helps businesses effectively and unconsciously influence others to do business with them. Many large corporations currently use these techniques. How many gadgets, diets, or pieces of exercise equipment do you have in your house that you don’t use but you thought were essential at the time? Perhaps you have a Time Life collection, or a hard-to-use time share? Why did you do, buy or get such things? The secret power of psychological influence. (Just how does the Nike® Swoosh impact buying patterns?)

There are five major Personality Drivers that cause you to act and react the way you do. In addition, advertising psychologists tap the six extremely powerful Universal Patterns of Influence that unconsciously effect everybody’s decision process. They know the 15 most influential words that when employed properly, guarantee to sell.

Web Alliance President Thomas Forgione said, “This is a valuable service that small business owners can use to help compete against larger competitors.”

For more information please visit Web Alliance Internationals website at www.waisite.com or call 732-818-0080.

Web Alliance International, Inc.
Tom Forgione