Bio3 Natural Health Products Launches New Weight Loss Dietary Supplement Diet Solution

Diet Solution Line brings health aficionados and diet enthusiasts a natural weight loss dietary supplement enriched with herb supplements and weight loss herbs from plants grown in a pollution-free environment

Miami, FL, April 11, 2010 --( Real weight loss begins with a healthy diet and regular exercise, and with that in mind, Bio3 Natural Health Products has launched Diet Solution, a new weight loss dietary supplement that complements a healthy lifestyle.

The weight loss dietary supplement created by Bio3 Corporation is the antithesis of modern day fat burning pills that promise weight loss overnight, further rejecting yo-yo dieting schemes by adopting a fit lifestyle.

“The philosophy for our weight loss supplement is rather a realistic approach that focuses on a successful weight loss treatment program for the long term,” says Bio3 Natural Health Products spokesperson Yolanda Sáez.

Diet Solution is made with a special blend of weight loss herbs and natural fruits from plants grown in a pollution-free environment. Because weight loss should be a natural process, Diet Solution uses only natural ingredients, which include Japanese green tea leaves, fresh pineapple, hearty artichoke, and hoodia gordonii extracts. Each ingredient contained in Bio3’s weight loss dietary supplement serves a particular role as Japanese Green Tea boosts metabolism; pineapple helps rid the body of toxins; artichoke acts as a natural diuretic; orange fiber relieves constipation; and hoodia gordonii suppresses appetite.

Since Diet Solution is also a soluble weight loss dietary supplement, those who use the product help fulfill their daily intake of water, further hydrating their systems and eliminating wastes from their bodies.

“Bio3 Diet Solution is unlike other products that promise miracles,” says Sáez. “It doesn’t ask for sacrifices or impossible diets but is for those who want to take care of themselves in a manner that is one hundred percent healthy and natural.”

Bio3 Natural Health Products
Marisha Kelly