Amarillo VA Health Care System Selects ScheduleAnywhere for Nurse Scheduling Software

Online Employee Scheduling Software Helps Veterans Administration Medical Center

Fargo, ND, April 12, 2010 --( Atlas Business Solutions, Inc. (ABS) announced today that Amarillo VA Health Care System of Amarillo, Texas (Amarillo VA), a division of the Southwest VA Health Care Network, has chosen ScheduleAnywhere to schedule its entire nursing staff, which is comprised of almost 400 employees. Amarillo VA will use ScheduleAnywhere to manage the day-to-day work schedules of its nurses and gain real-time visibility of schedules and staffing needs across multiple departments and throughout their facilities.

Managing Employee Work Schedules
With ScheduleAnywhere, Amarillo VA is eliminating its previous manual paper-based scheduling processes to achieve efficiency and standardization across the departments. ScheduleAnywhere provides the tools necessary to ensure proper shift coverage, reduce time spent scheduling, and improve scheduling communication. Departments will enter their staffing requirements and instantly see coverage gaps, as well as be able to identify available and qualified employees to help fill those gaps.

“It’s an honor to be selected as the Amarillo VA’s nurse scheduling solution,” said Jon Forknell, ABS vice president and general manager. “With the Amarillo VA serving approximately 79,000 veterans in its primary service area, ScheduleAnywhere will help Amarillo VA meet its mission of providing timely, efficient, and quality healthcare to veteran patients.”

Identifying Available Staff
An additional benefit of ScheduleAnywhere is its ability to track employee skills and certifications. With real-time visibility for all schedules throughout the facility, the Amarillo VA will be able to instantly identify available employees from any department with the right skills and certifications to fill open shifts. Finding the right person is essential to ensuring proper patient care.

What is ScheduleAnywhere?
ScheduleAnywhere is an online employee scheduling service that includes everything a manager needs to quickly and easily create and manage employee work schedules. This Software as a Service (SaaS) helps ensure proper shift coverage, eliminate scheduling conflicts, manage shift rotations, track time-off and hours scheduled, handle staff availability and time-off requests, track skills and certifications, and estimate payroll costs. With real-time access to schedules, ScheduleAnywhere assists thousands of managers and businesses daily by saving them time and helping reduce unnecessary overtime. ScheduleAnywhere is ideal for both small businesses and large corporations.

How to get ScheduleAnywhere
ScheduleAnywhere subscriptions start at $19.95 a month for up to 25 employees and costs just $0.50/month for each additional employee. Phone and e-mail support are provided at no additional cost. For more detailed information, call ABS at 1-800-874-8801 (1-701-235-5226) or visit to access the 30-day free trial. ScheduleAnywhere can also be licensed as a self-hosted solution.

About Amarillo VA Health Care System
The Amarillo VA Health Care System, a division of the Southwest VA Health Care Network (VISN 18), provides primary specialty, and extended care of the highest quality to veterans throughout the Texas and Oklahoma panhandles, eastern New Mexico, and southern Kansas. Approximately 25,000 patients are treated annually. The health care system maintains 69 acute care inpatient beds for general medical, surgical, and intensive care. Geriatric and extended care is provided in the 120-bed skilled nursing home care unit. A modern ambulatory care center and medical arts building facilitates the delivery of primary care, specialty care and preventive health services. The Amarillo VA Health Care System also ensures health care is accessible to those veterans residing in rural areas through five community-based outpatient clinics located in Childress, Lubbock, and Stratford, TX, and Clovis, NM, and Liberal KS.

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