Predestined Release Debut Rock Album on Season Records

Original Indie Rock Band from New York City release real music. Songs for those who "listen" to what they hear.

Manhattan, NY, April 12, 2010 --( The first Predestined album is now available to the general public of rock music lovers.

Combining the art of classic and modern rock, this debut album with its own Season label, simply entitled "Predestined," is a wealth of solid material with strong lyrical content. Songs such as "State Of Mind," "Fire," "The Trial," and "Goodnite," present themselves in a somewhat mystical bent, invoking a deeper and spiritual meaning. Strong vocals, mixed in with driving guitars, also characterize the overall sound of Predestined.

"Why the name Predestined?" some may ask. Mike Parenti, the singer/songwriter and guitarist of the project, who's brainchild Predestined is, "I believe we are responsible for our decisions in life and can choose what path we will take, but at the same time, I feel that these decisions are ‘controlled’ by a higher force, namely God. Of course we don’t understand everything, but I know this: with your thoughts you can create heaven or hell on earth."

Predestined formed as early as May 2005 when Mike placed an ad for a drummer and bass player to accompany his rhythm guitar and vocals. "Eddie Ramos, who played bass, responded to the ad I had placed in The New York Press. He liked the songs I had written and offered weekly rehearsal space in the basement of where he lived on East 109th Street. And so we were born."

"We played with two drummers that first year, neither of which worked out. Eventually, we found Joe (DeFrancesco) in May of 2007, through a Craigslist ad I had put online. Joe was a tremendous asset and fit in perfectly with the band. Ed and I were very pleased -- we had gone without a drummer for almost a year."

With each band member working day jobs, Predestined continued to practice every Saturday evening, while playing occasional gigs in New York City; however, their overall focus was on the recording of songs that Mike was writing.

He laughs: "I have so much material that I’ve written that needs to be recorded, it’s ridiculous. I have plans for 3 more albums, easy, in my head right now!"

In 2008, Predestined released a four-song E.P., which included the first song on this CD, "Mountains of Hope," for which they received "Best Rock Band 2008" from X-Site Radio in West Hills, California.

"They called and recorded a phone interview with me and then aired it with the other category winners on the night of their awards show." Mike added: "They made us feel like rock stars -- it was great -- they even sent us an award plaque, which I have hanging on my bedroom wall!"

The album is a solid work of art, influenced by many of the great ones from The Beatles and The Who, to Staind and Lifehouse. Parenti proudly declares with a broad smile: "My influences are many, including classic and modern rock, and this album is an expression of those influences throughout the years."

It is Parenti's goal for the Predestined project to inspire its audiences, and to make them think.

Look for Parenti’s writing and the Predestined project to be heard from, again and again, in the following years.

Recorded at Newkirk Studios in Brooklyn, NY and engineered by Ben Rice (Surefire). "Ben was great, and exercised a lot of patience throughout the project dealing with me and my ever-changing mixes and ideas. His knowledge of Pro Tools helped this dream of mine to come to fruition."
Predestined Release Debut Rock CD On Season Records

Band: Predestined
Album: Predestined
Genre: Rock
Release Date: March 1, 2010

Track Listing:

1 Mountains of Hope
2 G o o d n i t e
3 New Life
4 State of Mind
5 No Conditions
6 A l r i t e
7 Piece of My Heart
8 F i r e
9 H o m e
10 Rose from the Dead
11 The Trial

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