Two New Page-turning Political Thrillers on Power Gone Awry

Former State Dept. official and news reporter James Bruno releases two new thrillers on the corruption and treachery of Washington politics in a setting of foreign intrigue and espionage. Suspense-filled and fast-paced, the insider-written stories are more raw and genuine than the vast majority of political thrillers

Cazenovia, NY, November 14, 2006 --( In two newly released political thrillers, ex-diplomat, military intelligence officer and news reporter James Bruno authentically captures the hardball maneuverings and virtual morality of Washington power politics.

In Permanent Interests, corrupt White House officials sell out to the Russian and American mobs to re-elect a weak U.S. President at all costs. Diplomat Bob Innes teams up with a beautiful Russian escort to bring down the President’s inner circle. An out-of-control leadership structure manned by arrogant and power-hungry politicos comes crashing down in the face of relentless pursuit of the truth by the system’s would-be victims.

The international thriller Chasm demonstrates how malicious policies can overwhelm their implementers, dragging them into hellish behavior and self-destruction. An actual post-WWII clandestine program to resettle war criminals in the U.S. continues to the present day as Operation Chasm. This super-secret program gets out of hand as modern day war criminals go on a rampage of arson and murder across the U.S. But one average citizen, Mike Gallatin, a victim of the policies, embarks on a quest to expose the hypocrisy and lies.

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About the Author
James Bruno was a career diplomat with the U.S. State Department, a military intelligence analyst at the Pentagon and a news reporter with CBS-News and UPI. He is currently a member of the Diplomatic Readiness Reserve. A graduate of the U.S. Naval War College and Columbia University, he lives with his wife and two daughters in Upstate New York. Drawing on his experiences, Mr. Bruno’s novels possess a sense of realism rarely matched in his genre.

Permanent Interests (ISBN 978-1-4303-0042-7)
Chasm (ISBN 978-1-84728-610-9)

Master of the Political Thriller
James Bruno