The Institute for Church Safety and Risk Management Appoints Defensive Tactics Instructor and Safety Expert Mike McKirahan to Lead Newly Established Twin City Roundtable

The Institute for Church Safety and Risk Management (ICSARM) has announced the establishment of the Twin Cities Area Church Safety Roundtable based out of the Minneapolis, Minnesota area. ICSARM continues to grow nationally and is excited to announce their newest addition to their Church Safety Roundtable program.

Tupelo, MS, April 12, 2010 --( Mike McKirahan is a Sheriff’s Deputy for a metro county in Minnesota. Mike is a firearms and defensive tactics instructor for law enforcement and private citizens. He is the founder and CEO of Mind Sight, LLC focusing on church security and firearms training. Mike prides himself on providing the highest levels of training to ensure our churches and students maintain the skills required of responsible security ministries and increasing their client’s awareness to be confident in all the aspects a security ministry has to offer.

Mr. McKirahan graduated from Normandale Community College, with an Associate of Science degree in Law Enforcement, graduating with honors as an academic leader. Mike is currently enrolled in Metro State University Bachelor Degree Program.

Mike has served in emergency services for the past 13 years. He has worked as a Firefighter and an Emergency Medical Technician. Mike has dedicated his life to helping people in extreme and tragic situations. Mike is currently a brown belt in Shotokan Karate under Master Bramwell, and has trained in the art of Muay Thai for the past two years. He has combined his medical, tactical and background in order to partner with esteemed colleague and lifelong friend Grant Linhart to bring together the Church Security Division of Mind Sight, LLC.

Married for 10 years, Mike and his wife have three beautiful children. Mike and Melissa are proud to provide Christian based family values and promote education, community and giving as a family foundation. Mike knows without the love and support of his family he could not carry out the plan the Lord has set for him.

Mike and his family are currently attending Friendship Church in Shakopee, MN. Friendship Church is currently establishing its first Security Ministry.

“I am dedicated to protecting the House of the Lord” states McKirahan. Mike continues, “I have a deep understanding of the spiritual and emotional need to feel safe in our place of worship. We train sheepdogs to protect the flock against the wolf!”

“ICSARM is delighted to have someone with Mike’s technical skills as part of our team” states ICSARM’s founder and executive director, Michael Boutot. Boutot continues, “Mike’s expertise in emergency services will be not only an asset to those he will serve in the Twin Cities area, but also to his fellow chapter presidents.”

With over 600,000 ministers and over 400,000 churches reported in America and a growing concern over church safety and security, churches and church leaders are looking for opportunities to ensure they are providing a true safe environment for all their church members. The local Church Safety Roundtable provides membership for local churches as well as safety and security service providers to those local churches. Local meetings include discussion on best practices to what to select for proper insurance coverages to what security system is best for a particular church. In addition to providing education and training for local churches, the Church Safety Roundtable is also designed to evaluate service providers to local churches to make sure the best service provider is being selected by the local church and at the best rates.

About the Institute for Church Safety and Risk Management, LLC (ICSARM)

The mission of ICSARM is to promote the highest level of professional competence to churches and para-church organizations in the area of church risk management by providing programs of study, service, training, exchange of information and problem-solving discussions, leading to more effective and efficient utilization of church facilities and resources for the overall protection of the church building and her ministries, to include church staff, volunteers and members. Membership into ICSARM exists for churches and church personnel, Christian camps, non-profit groups, and service providers who provide services in the area of church safety, church security, church insurance, church financial safety & security, and/or church risk management.

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Mind Sight, LLC promotes personal growth and education by providing expert instruction in firearms and self-defense. We provide the highest levels of training to ensure our clients maintain the skills of responsible firearms ownership and increasing a student’s self awareness to be confident in ones self-defense skills.

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