BAE Systems and Geosemble Integrate Geospatial Technologies

Companies to demonstrate an integrated system that highlights BAE Systems’ high-quality image analytics and Geosemble’s text-visualization technology.

Los Angeles, CA, April 12, 2010 --( Geosemble Technologies®, Inc. and BAE Systems announced today that they have integrated their respective technologies to bring users greater utility and efficiency in geospatial decision making. The companies will demonstrate the technology at the “2010 BAE Systems GXP International User Conference and Professional Exchange” in San Diego, April 19 – 23.

Geosemble has developed a text-visualization plug-in for BAE Systems’ SOCET GXP® software. BAE Systems’ geospatial-intelligence (GEOINT) tool uses imagery from commercial, satellite, and tactical sources to identify and analyze ground features. With SOCET GXP software, users can automatically measure and store properties such as scale, elevation, latitude, and longitude in a series of images to expedite geospatial production, image analysis, and map creation. The properties data then can be used to perform before-and-after site comparisons, coordinate operational missions, assess navigation safety, and monitor changes over time.

Geosemble’s GeoXray product is geographic-data-visualization software that automatically integrates various textual sources into aerial imagery. The system enables users to click on buildings and locations, then automatically see the associated textual content. The GeoXray plug-in targets enterprises, and is currently used by two U.S. federal government agencies and several municipalities.

When the GeoXray plug-in is integrated with SOCET GXP software, users gain the benefit of broad, contextual knowledge about geographic areas. The contextual information can come from multiple sources, including the Internet, as well as an organization’s existing internal data.

Using the GeoXray plug-in with SOCET GXP software delivers enhanced interoperability among image analysts, geospatial production technicians, and decision makers at all levels. When used together, the two technologies enable more-fully informed geographic-based decisions in far less time.

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