Steelcape Announces First Deployment of New Breed of Security Software for TCP/IP Networks

SEALS Healthcare Secures eCommerce Transactions Using the New Steelcape Gateway Software Without Opening Ports in the Firewall

Los Angeles, CA, November 15, 2006 --( Steelcape, Inc., a new provider of next-generation network protocol technology that augments security in TCP/IP environments, today announced that the company has successfully deployed the first version of its Steelcape Gateway software at SEALS Healthcare, a large healthcare products provider based in Costa Mesa, California.

SEALS Healthcare, a major online retailer for various Healthcare products such as wheelchairs (, is using Steelcape’s Gateway solution for proactive transactional security through software-based drivers.  Steelcape actually delivers fast and secure online transactions by what it doesn’t do – Steelcape Gateway doesn’t open ports in the network that are vulnerable to hacking opportunities and minimizes bandwidth requirements for eCommerce. 

By not opening ports, Steelcape Gateway ensures that SEALS Healthcare’s point-to-point TCP/IP transactions are fast and secure with all transactions being encrypted. This endpoint security from Steelcape ensures that SEALS Healthcare is fully HIPAA compliant.

“We are one of the largest wheelchair distributors online, yet most of our customers are older computer users who are still somewhat reluctant to buy anything online,” said Scott Webster, COO/CFO SEALS Healthcare.  “With Steelcape’s Gateway solution, we want our customers to know their transactions are safe from hackers and will speed through the network so their order can be processed as quickly as possible.”

“We’re delighted to have our beta software up and running at SEALS Healthcare,” said Joseph Cohen, CEO of Steelcape.  “Our patented approach to network security eliminates the need to open ports on the network yet allows important transactions to go through.  We are the first company to offer a unique protocol that effectively coexists with TCP/IP in this manner.  We realize this is an absolutely new approach in security strategy.  We are excited that SEALS Healthcare is an early adopter of this solution.”

The Steelcape’ Gateway software offers end user organizations a number of important security features and benefits.  This software-based agent solution facilitates secure communication between computers without requiring server interaction.  Steelcape can be easily deployed in a multi-platform environment and presently can scale to 20,000 nodes. It facilitates communications with all major operating systems including:

Microsoft Windows

By eliminating the need to open firewall ports, Steelcape’s Gateway reduces the risk of internal and external security risks, which lowers the cost of security for Steelcape’s customers.  Direct communication with each computer in the network dramatically reduces bandwidth requirements and lag time, as well as the number of servers required in a data center.  By bypassing the transport layer, administrations can decentralize an organization’s enterprise architecture and dramatically reduces security and IT costs.

Steelcape can co-exist in the existing TCP/IP protocol stack through a set of patented computing algorithms that results in ports not opening through the firewall. IP packet manipulation allows packets to pass through firewalls unchallenged and unmodified.

The company expects to announce two additional installations in the next 30 days.  Interested companies can contact or call 310-622-7004.  The Steelcape Gateway will formally announce General Availability in December 2006

About Steelcape
Steelcape, Inc. is a leading provider of the next-generation network protocol that augments the TCP/IP environment.  Steelcape effectively protects against hacking as the protocol does not open ports to be effective and tends to be faster than traditional TCP/IP.  Both commercial enterprises and government agencies alike are fighting against Internet hacking attacks.

Steelcape provides an effective solution for expanding security challenges such as identity theft, information leakage, insecurely coded applications and zero day exploits. Steelcape’s solutions are ideal for any organization’s regulatory compliance requirements, such as encryption, authentication, and access control for Security. Steelcape is non-intrusive in an organization’s architecture and applications.

Steelcape was founded in 2004 and is headquartered in Los Angeles, Calif. For more information visit:


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