Reading Horizons Releases Reading Intervention Program

Reading Horizons v5 reading program helps struggling readers (ages 10 to adult) build a solid reading foundation.

Salt Lake City, UT, April 14, 2010 --( Reading Horizons, a company engaged in producing an intensive reading program for struggling readers, recently announced the release of Reading Horizons v5 (version 5) software and instruction manuals. Reading Horizons v5 is developed from 26 years of continuous research and product development for the independent use of adolescent and adult learners who read below grade level.

In regards to Reading Horizons v5 product release, Dr. Neil J. Anderson, Coordinator of the English Language Center at Brigham Young University commented: “This is fantastic! This puts Reading Horizons miles ahead of anything else that is out there on the market.”

The new release of Reading Horizons v5 reading program can be used as a teacher supplement or as a program for students to use independently. The software allows learners to work at their own pace and assures they grasp key foundational skills before progressing to more difficult reading skills. Upon completing 40-60 hours of instruction, the average learner improves their reading by four grade levels.

The largest improvement to Reading Horizons v5 in contrast to prior versions of the program is the increased focus on each individual student. The new product is focused on individual performance, progress, and pace. The software is designed to adjust to student performance and present the material which is most needed to help that student learn to read.

A new addition to the program is the Reading Horizons v5 Library which provides over 225 reading passages in 15 different genres ranging from sports to technology. This new feature was added in response to teacher feedback and as an effort to help students transfer Reading Horizons emphasis on word decoding skills into comprehension and fluency in reading.

Mike Feeney, Clearfield Job Corp Coordinator, expressed: “The Library you've added is fantastic. This is just the component we have needed to bridge the gap [for struggling readers].”

Reading Horizons v5 software also includes 81 interactive lessons that engage students in multi-sensory, Orton-Gillingham-based teaching strategies.

"Our phonics product is grounded in Orton-Gillingham principles and practices," says Reading Horizons President Tyson Smith, "and the proof of our product's value is confirmed in the almost daily heart-to-heart feedback we receive from our field professionals and, most importantly, from student users."

Because of its use of a multi-sensory, Orton-Gillingham approach Reading Horizons is often used as a reading response to intervention (RTI). The methodology is also effective in teaching English language learners and special education students with learning disabilities how to read.

One adult education teacher, Doraine Bingham, mentioned: “Steven, age 56, could not read. He was dyslexic and had never learned to read. We went through the Reading Horizons program and he learned the skills that helped him to read. It worked immediately.”

Reading Horizons dyslexia specialist, Shantell Berrett, has seen first hand the vitality of this program in helping those with dyslexia learn to read. She was first introduced to the company when her son was diagnosed with dyslexia and she was earnestly seeking a solution. Her son successfully learned to read through Reading Horizons program and she began working for the company providing expert curriculum feedback and training to schools and centers across the nation on Reading Horizons unique methodology.

Berrett expressed how the new v5 program will help those with dyslexia by saying: "Reading Horizons v5 presents the same proven method necessary for those with dyslexia, but does so with seamless instruction and interaction. It will be easier for those with processing issues to understand and follow the program with high quality visual aids and positive audio clues that are indispensible. There is greater emphasis in v5 on the transfer of these skills to context reading, focusing on building vocabulary, fluency and comprehension. This will greater help these struggling students find success in every area having to do with reading. It is truly amazing!"

For English Language Learners (ELL), the new Pronunciation Proficiency tool presents live footage of a mouth pronouncing each sound as well as animated tongue placements. Students equipped with a microphone can record themselves practicing each sound and can compare their pronunciation to that of the narrator’s.

In regards to the new v5 software, Sandy Hoffman, a trainer for Reading Horizons program exclaimed: “I LoveE it. I loved it before but the changes just blow me away! It's everything that the teachers have been asking for and much more.”

For more information on how Reading Horizons v5 software can help educators assist students improve their reading skills visit:

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