DNA2Diamonds Announces Partnership with Schrader Funeral Homes

Recently, Schrader Funeral Homes and Crematory became a memorial diamond affiliate through DNA2Diamonds new memorial diamond affiliate program.

Fort Washington, PA, April 14, 2010 --(PR.com)-- DNA2Diamonds, a premier provider of certified diamonds, custom created from personal carbon, recently announced the addition of Schrader Funeral Homes and Crematory of Baldwin, Missouri to its Memorial Diamond Affiliate Program.

DNA2Diamonds priceless gems are created from a lock of hair or a small amount of cremated remains. The unique memorials are laboratory-grown diamonds custom created by using personal carbon source of one or more family members (even the family pet), taken from hair or cremated remains. They are unlike any other diamond in the world.

"Distinct from any other memorial offering previously available, DNA2Diamonds are truly unique. Not many consumers are aware of this memorial alternative. Funeral homes, cemetery and cremation providers can expand their memorial options and offer a sparkling reminder of a loved one who has passed. Our customers love our memorial diamonds, not only because they’re a tangible reminder, but because they forever contain the essence of their loved ones and encase the closeness of their memories,” said Tom Bischoff, President of DNA2Diamonds.

DNA2Diamonds creates genuine, certified diamonds that are made by turning ashes into diamonds in 70 days or less. DNA2Diamonds keepsake memorial diamonds can be created in various cuts and colors of stunning red, brilliant yellow-green, warm cognac and dazzling blue. These personal diamonds are available in sizes ranging from 0.25 carats to 2.0 carats and can be set into a ring, bracelet, and earrings or worn as a pendant. They are one-of-a-kind heirlooms to be treasured for generations to come.

“DNA2Diamonds is rapidly expanding nationwide to provide cremation diamonds, cremation jewelry and memorial diamonds. We're happy to have partnered with the Schrader Funeral Homes and Crematory and look forward to a long and fulfilling relationship," said Bischoff.

To find out more about our Memorial Diamond Affiliate Program, or to purchase a personal signature diamond today, please visit DNA2Diamonds website at http://www.dna2diamonds.com or call DNA2Diamonds direct at 888-335-3630.

Maureen McHale