Launch of Web Design for All (, a Website Dedicated to Web Design and Community Building

Shoopz proposes a new website filled with news, online tutorials and other resources about web design, mainly targeted at novice and mainstream users

Paris, France, April 15, 2010 --( Shoopz announces the immediate launch of a new information website dedicated to web design: or Webdesign for All. This will complement the website of their official product,

Webdesign for All focuses about website and community building in general, and web design in particular. Its purpose is not to replace the current website of the company, but to provide additional articles with a broader scope. The editorial line will be as neutral as possible, with a diverse content: recent trends analyses, software reviews and tutorials, web design news or in depth discussions on Internet technologies and standards. Competing solutions to Kameleoon will have their place on and will be featured as the site's content keeps growing.

Webdesign for All is born as a result of the lack of clear information about this topic on the Web. There are a lot of sources available but it is often mandatory to consult several of them to have a correct overview on a given subject, and the information is usually not presented in a way suitable for the mainstream public. Jean-Noël Rivasseau, CEO of Shoopz, comments: "Usually the web design aspect is omitted from community building guides, resource sites or even vendor's solutions - although it is essential for large online platforms to offer more to their users than a dozen templates." Kim Loeber, commercial manager, adds: "To sell online services, it is almost always mandatory to propose design solutions packaged and integrated. Template based solutions have a lots of disadvantages and many web users prefer custom web design or software tools, both offline and online. To allow users to find the best solution for their needs, we concluded it was necessary to educate and inform them a lot more."

The target audience for Webdesign for all is quite large since we aim to provide useful information to any person interested in webdesign, whatever the reason. The main challenge will thus be to provide a set of information consistent with the technical level of visitors. Shoopz invites specialized writers and journalists to contribute articles about their favorite subjects. A section of the site dedicated to partnerships will host links to various actors in the web design world, ranging from small web agencies to large software publishers.

The Shoopz team hopes to make a relevant contribution to the general understanding of web design and of its importance in the Web 2.0 universe, and looks forward to a large and creative audience.

Jean-Noel Rivasseau
778 786 3460