.Net library to Produce PDF Hard Copies from Excel Documents

SautinSoft unveils a new version of standalone C# library, allowing developers to embed XLS to PDF, Word-RTF conversion capabilities to .Net 1.1, 2.0, 3.0 and 3.5 ASP.Net, Console and WinForms applications.

Victoria, Canada, April 15, 2010 --(PR.com)-- SautinSoft today announces Excel to PDF .Net 2.0.4., the new C# library, allowing developers to embed XLS to PDF and Word-RTF conversion capabilities to .Net 1.1, 2.0, 3.0 and 3.5 ASP.Net, Console and WinForms applications. The component is written in 100% managed C# and designed as a purely standalone solution. To embed it to an application, the developer needs to add only "SautinSoft.XlsToPdf.dll". There is no need for Adobe Acrobat®, Microsoft Excel ® or other software installed to convert Excel to PDF, Excel to Word-RTF.

What’s new in the version 2.0.4:

Fixed issue with table width, now tables in PDF/Word look the same as in XLS workbook
Fixed issue with alignment in columns
New converting mode: Excel to Word, RTF and new property SautinSoft.XlsToPdf.OutputFormat which allows to specify output mode
New property SautinSoft.XlsToPdf.Sheets to specify custom worksheets for exporting to PDF, Word
Added methods to split and merge PDF documents

This is a sample of C# code to convert 1st sheet of Excel workbook to PDF document using the component:

SautinSoft.XlsToPdf x = new SautinSoft.XlsToPdf();
x.Sheets.Custom(new int[] { 1});

“Excel to PDF .Net can be used to integrate XLS to PDF, Word-RTF capabilities in a web-based application, enterprise class server application, or desktop document management, archival, or word processing program. For example, the library can be used to automate the creation of PDF hard copies from Excel spreadsheets and workbooks, which are uploaded to the website via form based file upload,” says Max Sautin, CEO of SautinSoft. “We made the component easy to implement, so that the developer has to write only a few lines of code to add it to the application. This speeds up the development process considerably. In terms of stability, the library is also good – it can produce thousands of PDF conversions per day, without any user queuing, blocking, or other issues.”

The component uses its own PDF conversion engine, which was developed to fully comply with the latest Adobe PDF specifications to produce PDF hard copies that look exactly like the XLS originals. The PDF output preserves full font and text formatting, hyperlinks, anchors, special characters, various cell types (strings, numbers, dates, floating point), merged cells, row and cell width and height, formulas. Besides, spreadsheets with borders are exported to Adobe PDF tables, preserving colors, line type and background. The end-user of the application has full control over the output and can choose to convert an entire Excel workbook, or several selected spreadsheets, specify page parameters for PDF document, including page size, orientation, margins, and page numbers.

Excel to PDF .Net can be integrated into any application designed for Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Mac. The component requires Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 or higher and starts at $239 for a single developer and single server license. Distribution of Excel to PDF .Net component is royalty-free.

For more details on the capabilities of Excel to PDF .Net, check the following links:

View online-demo in ASP.Net: http://www.sautinsoft.net/excel-xls-to-pdf-csharp-convert-online-net.aspx
More information on Excel to PDF .Net: http://www.sautinsoft.com/convert-excel-xls-to-pdf/spreadsheet-xls-excel-to-pdf-export-component-asp.net.php
Download free trial at http://www.sautinsoft.com/components/exceltopdf_net.zip (1,54 Mb)

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