New Customer Service CEO Grows an Online Gambling Site from 4 Players to Millions in Just a Few Months

Since taking over the 10 year old company in 2009, the new CEO of has built a powerhouse in international customer service. With an international staff from all over the world, Anna Maya Moberg has taken her customer service business through a very rapid business expansion phase with clients that include online gaming companies as well as many other service businesses. All are thriving due to having made the decision to hire and their talented international staff.

San Jose, Costa Rica, April 14, 2010 --( After graduating from college in Sweden, Anna Maya Moberg began her career in banking and insurance. While working for a company called SalusAnsvar, Maya worked in sales on the insurance side and in finance on the banking side. Fluent in Swedish and English, Maya assumed correctly that a 3rd language would give her a real competitive advantage in today’s international business climate. She moved to Costa Rica to study Spanish and went to work for as a Payment Manager. At the time had only few employees. After just 3 years working for Anna Maya bought the company, now employing more than 20 people from all over the world.

The multi-cultural environment of Costa Rica has been instrumental in Maya’s success. Having the opportunity to work with people from many nationalities, as well as employing locals has proven invaluable in today’s business world. Maya resides in a suburb of San Jose, where her main offices are currently located.

The customer service, payment management and training overseas that provided to, for example, has made them the success they are today. “The personal service that provided, especially in multiple languages, was instrumental to our rapid growth,” says Thomas Hedenstrom formerly of MariaBingo. “It was unbelievable how fast we grew, what we learned, how they “managed us!” specializes in 24 hour support and customer service for companies helping to obtain and retain great customer relationships. “Sometimes professional outsourcing of some back office and customer service functions is a very smart business decision,” says new CEO Moberg. offers other services such as Payment Management and VIP Player Management as well as 24/7 international, multi-lingual customer service from their offices based in San Jose, Costa Rica.

Many other client companies have also experienced rapid growth due to the decision to work with the professional multi-lingual team at The ability to do business in multiple languages is an invaluable tool for any company hoping to expand in the international market. offers 1st line support in both English and Spanish and includes languages such as Swedish, Norwegian, German and Portuguese.

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