Novel Texas Printing Technology Pioneers Three-Dimensional Imaging for Rocks, Wood, and More

Fort Worth, TX, April 15, 2010 --( Engineers based out of Fort Worth have developed a low-cost novel printing technology that allows for the transfer of any image onto irregular, three-dimensional surfaces.

Current printing technology only has the capability to print onto flat surfaces. ViscaChem chemical printing technology permits any sized image to be transferred onto rocks, metal, woods, fabrics, and more.

"This technology makes history because of the very low cost of processing and the wide commercial applications. We have sold affordable stone family portraits and Sistine Chapel replicas for several years," says Mary Wingo, cofounder.

Recently, the founders expanded the technology to irregular surfaces like tile slates, metals, wood, and fabrics. They exhibited their applications at the recent Dallas Gift Market.

The applications are wide and varied; clients can design and order items for use in advertising, construction, home décor, or textiles. The durable and rich colored surface can be used indoor or outdoor and can hug just about any irregular surface, creating a three dimensional effect.

"Because the surface is durable like concrete, with the applications so varied and the prototype costs low, our customers can design and custom order U.S. made items completely unavailable to the market. Basically, the sky’s the limit."

The founders have found a niche in the art world as well. An experimental stone slate pop-art piece was selected for a month long museum gallery showing at the Fort Worth Arts Center.

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Novel Texas printing technology allows for three-dimensional image transfer onto rocks, wood, and more

Company History
Stone Art (TX ATA DESIGN INVESTMENTS, INC) was founded in 2005 and has pioneered a number of new developments in the printing and textile fields. The company has built itself with over the last four years by employing sound business practices and has no debt.

Mary Wingo