CADENCE|FactorSoft Commercial Lending System Now Includes Proof for Email Notices with Registered Email by RPost

RPost & Bayside Business Solutions Create Software Integration for Factoring & A/R Finance Efficiencies

Los Angeles, CA, April 16, 2010 --( RPost®, the provider of Registered Email services, and Bayside Business Solutions, the provider of the leading factoring software platform in the U.S. accounts receivable market, have partnered to build Registered Email messaging as an option within the CADENCE|FactorSoft commercial lending system. Users of CADENCE|FactorSoft can now opt to send business critical notices by Registered Email® message with a few mouse strokes from within the system. Notice by Registered Email® service saves factors time and money.

“We are pleased that Bayside Business Solutions has integrated RPost services into CADENCE|FactorSoft in a manner that makes it easy for factors to end disputes attributed to missing, misplaced or denied receipt of notification emails and faxes," remarks Zafar Khan, CEO of RPost. "Many of our customers today report using RPost's services to send Registered Email notices of assignment, notices of default, and borrowing base certificates, for example, and now with CADENCE|FactorSoft, they can automate the use of RPost’s services to bring more efficiency, cost and risk reduction to their factoring, invoice discounting, and A/R finance businesses." RPost's customers also report using RPost's Registered Email service to speed invoice collections with proof of invoice delivery irrefutably starting the accounts receivable aging clock.

"It was a natural extension of our CADENCE|FactorSoft application, to modernize the mail delivery options by including notice by RPost’s Registered Email service," states Russ Opper, Managing Director of Bayside Business Solutions. "We had many customers using RPost's service from within Outlook. Now, as an integrated service, our software will permit more automation to those existing users and minimize process change for new users." CADENCE|FactorSoft is the industry standard for complete portfolio management designed for factors and accounts receivable finance professionals.

“RPost’s Registered Email service receipts provide admissible evidence of Registered Email message delivery, official time sent and received, and authenticity of message content. By utilizing RPost services, we would also argue, not only is the email admissible, but the authentication of its content and context may lend it greater credence than traditional receipted mail, courier, and fax alternatives,” cites Jon Neiditz, head of the information management practice at Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough LLP. “This is significant not only in adding to the weight of the evidence in general, but also because in addition to proving delivery of notices, factors must exercise ‘control’ over documents such as electronic chattel paper to ensure their enforceability under Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code. RPost’s authentication techniques are likely to meet these ‘control’ requirements.”

RPost’s Registered Email® services are now available within CADENCE|FactorSoft Version 2.14.5 or newer versions. Functionality can be automated within the “Debtor Aging” interface to set an output method by Registered Email® message. Notice emails are auto-routed to be processed by RPost with delivery proofs returned back to the CADENCE|FactorSoft system for storage within the software. RPost continues to offer services separately, for all email platforms, and integrates with other systems such as, Zimbra and SAP.

"We have found RPost’s Registered Email service to be invaluable. It not only brings us significant savings, it also makes the notice process so much faster and tidy,” states Leanne Latimer, EVP, Aerofund Financial Inc. “No more having to find green signature slips that were misfiled! RPost's proof of delivery, time and content for email gives us the upper hand in any disputes regarding email notifications -- a value that we are pleased to now see automated within our CADENCE|FactorSoft portfolio management system.”

About RPost: RPost has set the global standard for value-added outbound messaging with its flagship Registered Email® delivery proof, eSignOff® electronic signature, and secure encrypted email services. RPost services permit the sender to prove, sign, secure, record and collaborate with less cost, time, paper and risk. RPost services have been granted 26 patents with worldwide coverage, have been used daily by the U.S. Government since 2003 and have been endorsed and marketed by most of the influential bar associations in the United States, including the bars of New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles and the District of Columbia. RPost operates in 8 languages with offices worldwide. Download a free trial at

About Bayside Business Solutions: Established in 1999, Bayside Business Solutions is an innovative supplier of portfolio management software to the global commercial lending industry. Bayside has customers throughout North America as well as in Australia, the UK, Europe and Latin America. Its operations are located in Birmingham, Alabama, and include worldwide support capabilities.

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