Robert Kline Introduces His New Sea Maiden Blog

Renowned author and artist Robert Kline of St. Augustine, Florida introduces his new Sea Maiden blog.

St. Augustine, FL, April 16, 2010 --( Sea Maiden art is a new blog featuring mermaids, Sea Babies and mermen created by renowned author and artist Robert Kline of St. Augustine, Florida. For over 10 years Robert has been writing about (in his novel The forgotten voyage of the HMS Baci) and painting Sea Maidens (mermaids) Sea Babies (mermaid babies) and Sea Masters (mermen). His new blog Sea Maiden art showcases all of his mermaid, Sea Baby, Sea Master and pirate artwork and the stories of their discovery. It also has many excerpts from his book The forgotten voyage of the HMS Baci.

“The Quest of Sir Edmund Roberts for Sea Maidens, Sea Babies & Sea Masters in the Seven Seas. The forgotten voyage of the HMS Baci the companion novel to the Sea Maiden Paintings by Robert Kline.”

Each chapter begins with a line drawing of the Sea Maiden, Sea Master, or Sea Baby sighted in the chapter, but the prints are much more attractive. One of the fascinating currents in the novel is the dialogue between an ancient sailor and the adventuresome, aristocratic naturalist, so I could lengthen the title even more to “or how Sir Edmund, not a sailor but yet a good sort for a gentleman, gets an education albeit reluctantly from an old, grizzled, besotted salt called ‘Gnarly Dan.’” Of course, Sir Edmund had schooling in the arts of painting, sciences, and artillery; Gnarly Dan just complemented that with observations from those watery areas where Sir Edmund was ignorant. An even longer sub-sub title appears on page 10. This book is a fun read.

A little about Robert Kline - Self taught artist of 11 years (2009) Robert currently lives in St. Augustine Florida with his wife and children. He was born and raised in the Midwest, matured in New England and subsequently transplanted to flourish in the fecundity of Florida: A life cycle that includes 20 years of being taught, 10 years of teaching, 15 years of finance, 5 published novels and then art. He also has a collection of fairies and east coast lighthouse art that can be seen on his website

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Robert Kline