A Cat Leaves a Loving Home and Discovers That Life on the Streets is Far from Easy by Troas James Alexander is Published by Dog Ear Publishing

In this new children’s release, we meet an orange cat named Stray who is adopted by a loving family. Life is comfortable, but Stray has one problem: he hates to follow rules. He tries life in the streets, but he may have gotten more than he bargained for. Illustrations by Leonard Mitchell Jr. are colorful and bring out the emotion of the characters.

Chicago, IL, April 16, 2010 --(PR.com)-- In this new children’s release, published byDog Ear Publishing, we meet an orange cat named Stray who is adopted by a loving family. Life in a home is comfortable for Stray but he has one problem: he hates to follow rules! One day, Stray decides to leave his cozy home in search of adventure. He meets a friendly street cat who lives in a boxcar. The cat has no name so Stray calls him Seymour.

Even though he enjoys Seymour’s company, Stray soon realizes that his new life of “freedom” on the streets is no picnic. When the two cats bump into an angry and vicious cat named Patch, Stray decides to stay on and steal fish for Patch but Seymour doesn’t like stealing and goes on his way. Stray soon finds out that Patch belongs to a dangerous gang of cats but by the time Stray realizes he’s in over his head, it’s too late to escape. It’s up to Seymour and his newfound monkey friend Nonesuch to rescue Stray from Patch and his gang. Will Stray ever make it back to the safety of his home?

During her 43 years of experience as a teacher in the Chicago Public School system, author Troas James Alexander saw that children needed to be encouraged to make wise choices from a young age. In Stray’s Great Adventure, she sets out to do just that. By reading about Stray’s story, she hopes children will think about their own well being. Alexander includes a glossary of more complex words from the story at the end of the book. The illustrations by Leonard Mitchell Jr. are colorful and bring out the emotion of the various characters. Stray’s Great Adventure may be about cats and a monkey, but it tells a very human story.

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Stray’s Great Adventure
Troas Alexander
Dog Ear Publishing
ISBN: 978-160844-200-3 40 pages US

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