Eeonyx Announces the Release of Their Engineered Electronic Textiles for Advanced Composites

Pinole, CA, April 16, 2010 --( Eeonyx Corporation announced the development and availability of specialty engineered electrically conductive fabrics with radar absorbing properties for use in the advanced composites industry. The Eeonyx fabrics are targeted for military, aerospace, and various commercial/industrial markets. The fabrics are currently being used or under evaluation in the following applications:

1. Static- free laminates with excellent control over - volume resistivity properties
2. Direction Finding Low Radar Cross Section composite antennas
3. Ballistic and Radar Absorbing Composites made from conductive 3D fabrics
4. Conductive Gradients and patterns on fabrics for specialty applications
5. Composites for low radar signature windmills

One of the key advantages of Eeonyx’s conductive coating technology is that it can be applied to any type of fabric, including mechanically strong fabrics, such as glass, quartz, aramid, etc., commonly used in the advanced composites industry.

Previous Eeonyx developments include engineered electrically conductive fabrics (E-Fabrics), sold under the EeonTex™ name, for anti-static applications, such as in electronic industry clean rooms, and fabrics used in resistive heaters.. The piezoresistive EeonTex™ fabrics are also used in commercial pressure-sensing devices with rapidly growing applications in the sports and medical industry. EeonTex™ market development applications are also underway in robotics, musical instruments, educational devices, safety devices, weapons training, and games and toys.

Eeonyx Corporation
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