Inventors Can Finally Get the Help They Need to Succeed through Self-Management

World Innovations is happy to introduce the release of “Inventing A-to-Z” on Audio Book CD. Now available in stores everywhere.

West Long Branch, NJ, November 15, 2006 --( Now inventors can get the help they need to succeed from inception to the market place and beyond. Their Inventors, on and off air vendors for National Shopping Networks, Retailers, and now… The authors of the newly released Audio Book entitled “Inventing A-to-Z”. Phillip Bertolo and Lisa Ascolese share their knowledge and enthusiasm for inventing and product development with students of all ages in educational institutes throughout the country. You can now purchase their newly released Audio Book on CD and produced by World Innovations. Simply entitled “Inventing A-to-Z” is available at Borders,, Barnes & Noble and many other retailers in your area.

This CD will help to give you that much needed jump start in this otherwise tangled web of inventing and product development, while giving you all of the necessary insight and understanding that is required. “Self-Management is key,” says Phil Bertolo. “Unfortunately, the business of inventing and sharing product ideas happens to be extremely vulnerable, as with any type of business that may inadvertently furnish someone else’s inability to be successful on their own.”

“It gives us great joy to help so many people, so often,” says Lisa Ascolese. “Phil and I have both experienced when we started in this business, the helpless feeling of not knowing who to trust and where to go for help. This is why I am so happy to be part of this new program to help others get started.”

On the new “Inventing A-to-Z’ CD, Phil and Lisa explain through eleven clear and easy to understand chapters, of the importance of having and keeping complete control of the entire process and how to obtain it. You will learn how to minimize risk through experience while gaining insight and know-how, all of which is a must in order to succeed while minimizing the possibility of losing your idea to a scam company or individual. Success of actually developing your own product or product idea can easily become a reality, and for much less than you may think. Visit them on the web at, or just give them a call from anywhere in the United States at (732) 222-7873. World Innovations to the rescue with “Inventing A-to-Z” …

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