Thousands of Chicago Adults Unaware They Have ADHD. New Therapy Group Program Launch.

Some 10 million American adults have adult ADHD, and about 75% are unaware they have it, says the Wall Street Journal. ADHD Centers is launching FOCUS: Adult ADHD Therapy Group for Beginners in Chicago.

Chicago, IL, April 16, 2010 --( Some 10 million American adults have adult ADHD, and about 75 percent are unaware they have it, according to government figures reported in the April 6 issue of the Wall Street Journal.

This lifelong, biological, neurobehavioral disorder causes excessive distractibility, poor organization, poor planning and time management and procrastination in 4%-6% of the US population. However, it wasn’t until the 1980s that health care professionals realized ADHD persists into adulthood -- many children never outgrow the condition

ADHD Centers is launching FOCUS: Adult ADHD Therapy Group for Beginners, Chicago’s first comprehensive group therapy program for ADHD adults. Led by Peter Jaksa, Ph.D., the group is designed to develop strategies and skills for improving organization, time management and productivity at work and home, and building self-esteem and relationship skills. ADHD Centers’ first 6-week FOCUS program kicks off April 20 and includes readings, individualized goal planning, role play activities, journaling, videos, and creative behavioral strategy development. Participants will discuss personal experiences and provide peers with feedback, encouragement and support.

So do you have some bad habits or do you have adult ADHD? When it comes to diagnosing ADHD, "the magic word is impairment," says clinical psychologist Peter Jaksa, founder of Chicago-based ADHD Centers, who is quoted in the Journal article. "Everyone gets distracted, but with ADHD your mind may wander so much that you can’t get through one paragraph in a book or magazine that you’re reading. Who's not late occasionally? But are you so chronically late and so disorganized that you’re in danger of losing your job? Do you tend to put off boring tasks like paying bills, to the point that your bills aren’t getting paid? ADHD causes difficulties at work, at home, and often in relationships that are far beyond what we might see in a person who is just overstressed and living a hectic lifestyle,” says Dr. Jaksa.

There is no single medical test for ADHD, but it can be accurately diagnosed with a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation. If you experience a number of symptoms listed below, Dr. Jaksa advises seeking a diagnostic evaluation from a healthcare professional with expertise in working with ADHD adults.

Common symptoms and behaviors associated with ADHD include:
· Poor attention, excessive distractibility
· Physical restlessness or hyperactivity
· Excessive impulsivity
· Difficulty getting started, chronic procrastination
· Difficulty staying focused and completing tasks
· Disorganized; frequently losing things
· Poor time management, chronically late
· Excessive forgetfulness, memory problems

FOCUS: ADHD for Beginners is for adults who have a clinical diagnosis of ADHD / ADD. If you suspect you might have ADHD, but have not been formally diagnosed, please call ADHD Centers at (312) 372-4824 for a free initial consultation. ADHD Centers provides affordable comprehensive diagnostic evaluations.

What: “FOCUS: Adult ADHD Therapy Group for Beginners” is a 6-week program for adults newly diagnosed with ADHD / ADD.

Where: ADHD Centers, 30 N. Michigan Ave., Suite 814, Chicago, IL 60602
When: The first weekly FOCUS group begins Tuesday, April 20, 6:00 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.
A second 6-week FOCUS program is scheduled to start in mid-May, 2010.
Subsequent 6-week FOCUS programs to be announced.
Group leader: Peter Jaksa, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist and ADHD Specialist
Fee: $80/session. Most health insurance plans accepted.

To reserve a space or for details on FOCUS and other programs, call (312) 372-4824 or email


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