Increased Foliage for Hailsham Country Park

Volunteers are set to plant additional trees at the Hailsham Country Park later this month, as part of this year’s Hailsham In Bloom campaign.

Hailsham, United Kingdom, April 17, 2010 --( It was agreed at a recent committee meeting held by the Town Council’s Hailsham In Bloom Committee that eight lime trees are to be planted at the park’s Princess Diana Memorial Avenue and two field maples on the nearby wildflower meadow mound.

The Hailsham Country Park received a Silver Award in 2009 and has been entered into the Best Public Park regional South & South East in Bloom competition for the second consecutive year. As well as providing extra foliage in the country park with the proposed tree planting next month, further enhancement of the restored wildflower meadow, the installation of a ‘bee farm’ and other area-specific projects at the site are also on the committee’s agenda in a bid to enhance the area for the benefit of local residents and visitors.

Cllr Jeff Bentley-Astor, deputy town mayor and chairman of Hailsham In Bloom said, “The planting of lime and maple trees around the Hailsham Country Park reflects our commitment to keeping our parks and public open spaces green and pleasant for residents and visitors alike.”

Adds Cllr Bentley-Astor, “It is of vital importance that the country park houses as many varieties of trees and plants as possible to attract wildlife on to the site. We hope the installation of new trees will help make the park a worthy contender for the regional prize this year.”

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