Leading Test Data Management Vendor, Grid-Tools, Announces Support for De-Duplicating and Matching Customer Records for Full Testing of Integrated Systems

Grid-Tools Ltd, the leading vendor in data creation, data masking and test data management solutions, has announced the addition of de-duping modules to its signature data creation solution, GT Datamakerâ„¢.

Oxfordshire, United Kingdom, April 17, 2010 --(PR.com)-- As part of the release of Datamaker™ version 2.5D, Grid-Tools have launched a sophisticated de-duping and matching module with the ability to generate high-quality ‘incorrect’ data containing duplicates for systems testing. The component will be built into the data creation software, which can be used to create, multiply, manipulate and enhance the data for testing and development.

Huw Price, Grid-Tools Managing Director, stated, “We’ve found that de-duplicating and matching customer records can be difficult for users to test. Although the user will be using standard algorithms to match duplicates, these need to be tested fully as part of an integrated system. With this in mind we’ve added the de-duping component into our signature data creation software. Version 2.5D will offer multiple types of progressive de-duping methods built right into the Datamaker™ solution, so a customer can create their own variations based on the data they require”.

The de-duping component will allow the user to create progressively de-duped data by choosing from a list of functions to create the variations starting with ‘very similar’ and ending with ‘very different’. The use of escalating de-duping methods allows the user to build data sets carefully - testing as they go.

Grid-Tools built the de-duping solution using standard algorithms like the Jaro-Winkler and the Levenshtein distance, both advanced methods for measuring the amount of difference and similarity between two sequences. The data sets are built such that the distance between the data grows progressively further and the names become progressively different.

The component also includes standard Soundex functionality, as seen in MySQL and Oracle databases. The Soundex will break-down and encode names into 4 digit numbers, allowing the user to easily identify similar names for matching purposes.

For more information contact Grid-Tools at UK: +44 (0) 1865 884600, USA: 1-866-563-3120, www.grid-tools.com or sales@grid-tools.com.

About Grid-Tools
Grid-Tools are known internationally as the industry leaders in data creation, data masking and test data management. Their highly experienced personnel have been writing and developing solutions for large companies in both the private and public sectors for over 30 years.

The Grid-Tools Datamaker™ suite includes a wide range of technologically advanced tools for test data management. Their signature solution, GT Datamaker™, is an innovative, revolutionary tool that creates and publishes quality test data with the referential integrity of production environments for testing and development. Cutting-edge and groundbreaking in nature, Datamaker™ offers three methods for managing and generating data in testing and development inclusive of database subsetting, data masking and data creation. Datamaker™ also offers end-to-end manageability, manipulation and enhancement of test data in multiple formats.

The Grid-Tools methodology consists of using the ‘data-centric’ approach to testing whereby, their focus is to ensure the quality of the test data you are using is of the right quality for successful testing.

To learn more about Grid-Tools, visit their website at: www.grid-tools.com

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