Love and Adventure Abound in This Fairy Tale Published by Dog Ear Publishing About a Slave Who Becomes Queen - Book by Hannah Culbertson

A young and beautiful slave is banished to the faraway land of Everem, where the king buys her as a birthday present for the crown prince. She and the prince marry, and she becomes queen, but an attack by an enemy nation shatters their rule.

Indianapolis, IN, April 17, 2010 --( When the young and beautiful slave Caeden is accused of murder and banished from her country, she is sent to the faraway land of Everem. After a long and arduous journey, she finds herself in the palace of King Rently of Rosetta, who has bought her as a birthday present for his son, the crowned prince Asher. After meeting Caeden, Asher decides she is too beautiful and gentle to be a slave and he begins to court her. After King Rently dies, Asher marries Caeden and the two become King and Queen of Rosetta. Unfortunately, their marital bliss is cut short when the warring Pennecapians threaten to attack. King Asher goes to war in the mountains where he is taken captive. Caeden leaves the safety of the palace with a search party to bring him home.

Endureth the Queen, written by Hannah Culbertson and published byDog Ear Publishing, is a swift moving tale that will draw you in from its opening pages. There are unicorns, wizards, dragons and elves, as well as a love story. What will she do if she loses the King? Does Caeden have what it takes to rule a kingdom? With the support of Asher’s two brothers, the boisterous Peter who enjoys womanizing and parties more than affairs of state, and the mischievous but loyal Braxton who is closer to her own age, Caeden will find her way in her new role as Queen.

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Endureth the Queen
Hannah Culbertson
Dog Ear Publishing
ISBN: 978-160844-992-4 200 pages US

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