New Children's eBook Author

Ortonville, Michigan Digital Visual Artist and Musician, Kirk Mathew Gatzka, tries hand at writing a new Children's eBook entitles "The Three Sleeping Umbrellas." His blog posting at gives you an idea of what this eBook is about.

Ortonville, MI, April 17, 2010 --( Who is Mr. Wuu and why won't the umbrellas he sells open up when a storm threatens? All the main characters in "The Three Sleeping Umbrellas," by Kirk Mathew Gatzka, wonder if they have been sold poorly made purchases. What is "The Day" all about and what surprise will it bring to their small town?

You can find out if you go to and purchase this newly published book. Simple Illustrations depict Mr. Wuu and his customers who purchase these "sleeping" umbrellas as you read this endearing story written for children.

For an affordable $8.99 you can get an eBook of "The Three Sleeping Umbrellas," right at No trip to the book store in the rain, you can purchase and download your own copy to read to your children within minutes.

Based upon an 8.5" by 11" size in Adobe's PDF format you can read it off the screen of your computer. It is formatted in Century Gothic type for inexpensive printing from your own printer.

Why not buy a copy of "The Three Sleeping Umbrellas" today as a gift for your children? You will enjoy a delightful tale with suspense and fun built in.

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Kirk Mathew Gatzka