Max et Moi: The High-Fashion Cashmere Line Launches in the US

New York, NY, April 17, 2010 --( Company History
Max&Moi was created from an unconditional and shared love for quality in material and appreciation for detail. Eight original collections of high-fashion women's clothing have fueled the label's growing reputation. Max&Moi’s style embodies elegance and femininity with a touch of sensuality and impertinence.

A vision and an understanding of trends passed on from one generation to the next is bound together with natural material, leather, cashemere, silk, fur, originality and class. Max Lederer, the grandfather, was a furrier since 1925. He was later joined by his sons Bernard and Herve who diversified the business by creating clothes with fur during the '90s as well as a private label for prestigious fashion houses like: Gerard Darel, Jean Claude Jitrois, Bel Air, Maje, Sandro, Ba&sh, Apostrophe, Georges Rech.

Sylvie Simah
It was the great grand son Elie that chose to continue the activity differently. He called Sylvie Simah (with a fifteen-year career as head of collections Ramosport, a prestigious french raincoat brand) to handle the styling of Max&Moi. “It’s a beautiful collaboration, since we both share an appreciation for luxury", explains Sylvie Simah. "Elie carries the heritage of making furs and leather and me, the experience of creation". Sylvie brought her know how, her experience in using mesh, fabrics, mixed with Lederer's experience in using fur. She created a unique style that many tried to imitate but without success. Her strength is her impressive vision and ability to be ahead of others as well as proposing products that can fit a wide variety of women.

The winter cold combined with feelings of comfort and softness serves as an inspiration for this season's collection. Femininity, glamour and a sense of wellbeing are also omnipresent at Max&Moi's luxury winter collection. Cashmere sweaters, tunics and dresses in black, beige, brown, grey, red and lilac blend effortlessly with fox sleeveless vests, coats and jackets in mink and rabbit fur. There are also feminine trench coats and fine parkas, silk dresses, tunics and blouses as well as accessories like caps, fur hats and scarves. The collection emphasizes muted and pastel shades with great details and a very feminine chic look. Max&Moi captures the spirit of today and is the perfect companion for women who want an easy but sophisticated look.

Future Projects
The brand already has 3 flagship stores in Paris:
17 rue Gustave Courbet 75116
124 rue de Courcelles 75017
Galleries Lafayette Max&Moi Corner

Due to the label's great success, future plans include opening more stores in Paris. The company's management is also contemplating developing the Asian and American markets and expanding as much a possible their international presence. As a first step, the label participated at New York's prestigious Fashion Coterie where it was greatly received by buyers and press.

An online website store will be available soon as well.

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