Hmedicine Introduces Top 100 Remedies Kit

Charlotte, NC, April 18, 2010 --( Hmedicine, a leading supplier of homeopathic medicine on the Internet, announces their newest homeopathic kit offering. The top 100 remedies kit offers 100 of the most popular homeopathic remedies.

The homeopathic kit is enclosed in plastic travel case. These are ideal for traveling. Each homeopathic remedy is in the 30C potency. The kit contains medicine in half dram vials. The medicine are in granules so you can do many doses per each vial.

These remedies can treat a wide range of ailments. Some remedies in the kit include Hypericum perforatum ( and chamomilla. These remedies generally treat pain. Hypericum is used to treat injuries and bruises from common falls. It is generally used to treat nerve and back pain. Chamomilla is used to help people that are extremely sensitive to pain. Any injury can cause them pain. This homeopathic medicine helps them handle the pain easier. This medicine is often used with kids after a fall or scrape. Infants also used this medicine for teething.

Other remedies treat different type of symptoms. Gelsemium Sempervirens ( and Cimifuga Racemosa ( are used to help ailments with women's menstruation. Gelsemium is used to help ease menstruation pain and pain in the uterus. Cimifuga is used to treat menstruation pain associated with cramps and congested headaches. This remedy also helps with menopause symptoms such as headache and neck stiffness.

He homeopathic kit is easy to carry and can be used for many different symptoms. A remedy guide is also included so users can identify which medicines to use for which symptoms.

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