National Pajama Day Announces the First National Pajama Day, May 1, 2010

This press release announces the date of the first National Pajama Day.

Leander, TX, April 20, 2010 --( The first National Pajama Day will be recognized on May 1, 2010. Participants are encouraged to take a day off. Choose to spend the day in a refreshing and relaxing manner while never having to get dressed for the day. Activities could include sleeping in, watching a trilogy of movies, reading favorite books, cooking, social networking, playing games, planting flowers, sitting in the sun, enjoying music, painting, writing, drawing, or hosting a pajama party while the sun is still up.

National Pajama Day seeks to encourage people to slow down the pace that life sets and take a deep breath to enjoy one thing often neglected: relaxation. Permission granted. One objective is to set the stress and worries aside for one day and rejuvenate. Adequate rest often produces more effective and fulfilling lives. It produces and atmosphere for the mind to work more creatively.

Co-founder, Teresa Short states, "What began as a personal quest to take a short break from the frantic pace of life has turned into a desire to see all people benefit from permission to take a day off. It is a time to celebrate the life we work so hard for. A day to recharge and maybe even reassess what is important. Mostly, National Pajama Day is geared to each individual to spend it as best fits his/her personality to bring about the greatest potential of relaxation whether alone, with friends, or with family."

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