Author Lisa Wright Releases New Book: "Instant Love Advice for Women"

New Milford, CT, April 18, 2010 --( Author Lisa Wright presents Instant Love Advice for Women, an interactive relationship book that acts as a virtual counselor. Instant Love Advice, now available from and Ingram, provides guidance for dozens of the most common relationship issues, and is presented in a revolutionary format.

Unlike other relationship books, this one saves the reader time by asking three easy questions to determine the reader’s particular problem. Instead of reading long chapters to find one useful bit of advice, the reader simply answers these three questions and is then directed to a special page for individualized guidance. Rather than having 10 books about 10 different types of problems, this one book offers guidance for the reader’s own problems, her sister’s problems, and her friends’ love problems, too.

“I wrote this because I am a consummate matchmaker and romantic. Whenever I catch up with a friend, I always want to know about how their relationship is going, or who they’re interested in,” says Wright. “By writing this book, I was able to vicariously listen to the problems of my readers, and give advice to multiple people in one shot.”

“I got the idea one day when I wished that I could just open a book and it could solve all of my problems. I use internet search engines obsessively, so I wanted a book that was ‘search-engine-esque’ in nature; sort of a catch-all for problem resolution. It was obviously impossible to solve all of life’s problems in one book, so I started with one of my areas of passion: romance.”

Instant Love Advice is mostly geared towards young women in their early 20’s who are not yet fully seasoned in the ups and downs of love. Wright strives to lead these ladies into rich, fulfilling relationships by encouraging them to have a clear sense of self and an awareness of the root of their problems.

Instant Love Advice for Women can be ordered directly through the author, Lisa Wright, 9 Aspetuck Village, New Milford, CT 06776; e-mail The 156-page book is $12.95 plus $3.99 shipping and handling. For more details visit: Wright also has a write-in advice column at:

Book Statistics
Title: Instant Love Advice for Women
Subtitle: You Are Only Three Questions Away From an Answer
Author: Lisa Wright
ISBN: 978-1-4515-6745-8
Category: Self-help/Love and Romance
Length: 156 pages
Retail Price: $12.95
Binding: 6” X 9” trade paperback

Lisa Wright is a freelance writer and author from Connecticut. At the worst of the new millennium recession, Lisa left affluent employment with municipal government to pursue a career writing books. She began her writing career in one of the most dangerous areas: fiction. Knowing there was nowhere to go but up from there, she moved on to non-fiction, striving to bring information (read: power) to readers who are as eager to learn as she is.

Lisa Wright, Freelance Writer
Lisa Wright