Help the Environment and Save Money by Reusing Instead of Buying New with

ecofreek is a new company dedicated to advancing the recycling movement by providing a simple method to find free and swap items online.

Chico, CA, April 20, 2010 --( Many peoples understanding of recycling is limited to just bottles, cans and paper; however, it's not just trash that can be recycled, perfectly good items like clothing, furniture and electronics can be recycled as well. ecofreek's mission is to encourage users to reuse pre-owned items, as well as give away items they no longer want, in order to reduce landfill waste.

ecofreek feels that newer is not necessarily better- but that free is better, especially considering the current issue of over-consumption and wastefulness. Also, with the uncertain economic climate, many people are looking for more ways to save money.

ecofreek (founded January 2010) is a search engine that locates free and swap items from over 45 websites; such as, Craigslist, Pennysaver, and public Freecycle sites, making ecofreek the most extensive way to find free items on the web. With ecofreek, users can easily find a free sofa, kitchen table, books or kitten in their area or trade material or services with someone; for example, trading yard labor for a pool table.

Users can search by a keyword, city, or region (state/country), allowing results to easily be narrowed down. In addition, results can be sorted by how old the listing is, listings with images first, and more. Once the user has found an item they like, they only need to click the listing to be taken to the original posting to contact the the owner.

Unlike many classifieds, ecofreek uses a filter for spam and false listings, and also has an easy way to mark listings to be taken down.

ecofreek's service is easy to use and full of extra features, such as driving directions so you can see how far away an item is from you. Plus, if you can't find what you're looking for at first, you can easily sign up for free email alerts and cell phone text alerts to be notified when a new item is listed that fits your keyword.

Soon, the company will be offering merchandise, such as t-shirts and re-usable grocery bags, to give away when users donate (at this stage the company is supported only by donation) .

Craig J. Stadler, co-founder said- "ecofreek encourages people to ask the question: Why buy a new piano, moving boxes or a desk when you can pick up a free one nearby, save money and feel good about helping the environment all at once?"

Nicole Boivin