Artists Determined to Succeed are Putting their Christmas Wishes for Public Bidding on eBay

Starting on November 26th there will be jewelry and other gift items available on eBay – keyword: HAAS – that will be sold to highest bidders to raise funds necessary to launch careers of three struggling artists.

Sherman Oaks, CA, November 16, 2006 --( Call it a Christmas wish, in an unprecedented move; three struggling artists (composer, painter and author) combine forces in an attempt to raise funds necessary to make a dream come true.

Here is the complete story: They have each pursued the proper and customary ways of succeeding, only to find out that for an artist to succeed his or her art has to meet “industry” standards. Consequently, the art that is “allowed” access to wider audiences has to be uniform. None of them can accept the fact that the only way to succeed is to sacrifice originality, not to mention artistic integrity.

It is their deeply held belief that art isn’t created to satisfy critics or win approval of an “industry.” Art is created to address universal needs of the public. They want you to be their judge and if their Christmas auction is the way to introduce themselves and ask for your support, so be it. Win or loose, they’ve decided to entrust their Christmas wish – and their Fate! - to the public.

All the jewelry and gifts they are auctioning of are new. Starting bid for each item is $1.00. Each highest bidder will receive the item he or she has won on eBay plus a Certificate stating that he or she has made a donation to Help An Artist Succeed Fund in the name of the purchaser or the intended gift’s recipient, your choice. You’ll have a Christmas present and a statement of your values to give to Someone Special this Christmas.

Now, for your peace of mind: Help An Artist Succeed is not some corrupted charitable organization and your support won’t be tax-deductible, but not one dollar you bid will be wasted on some fictitious “administrative expenses”. They are three real flesh struggling artists who entrust their futures to you. They will produce results; to them your support isn’t business as usual; you’ll be bidding not only on gift items but on their futures!

Now, they aren’t “flakes” and each of them provides a sample of his or her work on the Website for public scrutiny. They trust that the intended recipient of their work – You! - will embrace their work and help them make a dream come true. Put your money to good use: get a Christmas present you need anyway and Help An Artist Succeed; fulfill their greatest Christmas wish!

They welcome you to do some research ahead of time: please visit read their stories, read about their dreams and their pledge to anyone who helps them succeed. They aren’t out to exploit anyone’s good faith and as much as they really depend on your support, they are not asking for handouts. Each of them is prepared to ensure the donors’ claim to fame.

Wolf Kesh is prepared to immortalize his supporters on the wall of the art gallery he dreams about. Sarah Williams stands on the ready to provide her supporters with credit on the title page of the book she’d like to publish and publicize herself. Allen Bero will honor his supporters with a credit on the CD he’s determined to record. (These are only the highlights, there is more!)

Art – theirs or any other – is ultimately Your property. Most often what culture you get to enjoy is decided for you. This is your chance to make your decision known and ultimately to shape the culture we all live in. If you’re guided by the Christmas Spirit, you can express your support directly on If you’re shopping for Xmas presents please bid on their Christmas auction on eBay (the bidding starts on November 26th keyword: HAAS which stands for Help An Artist Succeed): you have the power to decide the future of three unique and worthy artists.

Merry Christmas from three artists who believe in You and the Christmas Spirit! God Bless All and Any who care enough to Help An Artist Succeed!

Sarah Williams
Help An Artist Succeed

Help An Artist Succeed
Sarah Williams