Enjoy a Slice of Pie with Some Coffee as You Sit Down with This Contemporary Work of Fiction from First Time Author Katherine Kelly

A Slice of Pie is a work of fiction written by Katherine Kelly. It is being distributed through lulu.com.

Albuquerque, NM, April 20, 2010 --(PR.com)-- First time author Katherine Kelly published her first work of contemporary fiction entitled A Slice of Pie. Completing the novel in six weeks, Ms. Kelly has published her work on lulu.com for worldwide distribution.

Going through the process of changing her career and thus her life, from what has to be done to what she wants to do. Ms. Kelly took some time to look back through her own life at what she had enjoyed in her youth and remembered how much she loved listening to to the storytellers she grew up with in northern New Mexico, along with her love of books and reading captivating stories. She took some of her own experiences growing up to create a story about a family living, growing, and trying to move beyond a parent's illness.

A Slice of Pie introduces the world to Jake and Penelope a couple married for eighteen years with three children they named for characters and people they enjoyed reading about; Huck, Levi, and Louisa. In a small town setting found in the four corners area of the southwest the kids are propelled forward through the experiences of teenage life as their parents life together becomes stagnant while going through the process of Penelope's illness and their life's path changing to accommodate her illness instead of their plans and dreams.

"He'd never experienced their coming home before. It was a little disconcerting to go from sitting alone in the kitchen of an empty house to having the door open and being brought into the middle of an active conversation." Tom, a friend of Jake's, is thrust into this unfamiliar territory while visiting the family.

The reader is allowed the same experience as Tom. They are welcomed into ongoing conversations in a family and a marriage; between siblings, parents and children, friends old and new, and first crushes. The conversations that people who love each other have while going through the pitfalls of everyday life and then deciding how to survive, if they can, when life throws them a curve ball strait to the gut.

Find Katherine Kelly's captivation first novel A Slice of Pie at http://stores.lulu.com/asliceofpie. Lulu.com is the premier marketplace of digital content on the internet. More excerpts from the book can also be found on facebook, by going to A Slice of Pie page.

A Slice of Pie
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