CMA Trade Hub Activates Santiago Stock Exchange Direct Market Access Leader LarrainVial S.A.

New York, NY, April 21, 2010 --( Latin American Exchange trading services provider CMA further expands its foot print to the Southern Cone through the addition of LarrainVial’s deployment of CMA Series 4 which has protocol connectivity with CMA Trade Hub, for global routed order messaging.

CMA Series 4 is a robust regionally centric market data and order management system designed specifically for LatAm Exchange traded markets in all asset classes. CMA Series 4 also plays a vital role as an interface to CMA Trade Hub for routing orders to and from the buy-side, the sell-side and in LatAm trading, investments from the North to the South and vice-versa.

The Santiago Stock Exchange (SSE) known in Spanish as Bolsa de Comercio de Santiago (BCS) provides for trading of all asset classes including equities, options, futures, funds and currency. The Chilean markets on average have been in overdrive growth mode through as international investments continue to provide spurts of volume in its trade volume. Despite the tragic events with the latest earthquake in Chile, the markets continue to stay on course through higher and higher volume and increases in value.

“LarrainVial deploying CMA Series 4 is a major milestone achievement for our Global LatAm trading platform which provide services to over 17,000 workstations worldwide,” states Mr. Jorge Zanetti, CMA’s Chilean Managing Director. “It is clear that the markets around Latin America are growing almost faster than participants have expected and in some cases can handle making it necessary for connections such as with LarrainVial, to help enable the speed to market new entrants require,” Mr. Zanetti adds.

About LarrainVial

LarrainVial S.A. was founded in 1934 and is based in Las Condes, Chile with an additional office in Santiago Centro. LarrainVial S.A. is an investment banking and securities brokerage firm to financial institutions and corporations. The firm offers mergers and acquisitions, structuring, capital raising, valuations, fixed income, corporate finance, foreign exchange, asset management, mutual and institutional funds, research, and equity and mutual funds brokerage services. It caters to transportation, telecommunication, food and beverage, banking, financial, social security, real estate, electric, industrial, commerce, and IT sectors being the most important financial supermarkets in Chile.

About CMA

Consulting, Methods, Advisory and Mercantil known as CMA, is a Sao Paulo, Brazil headquartered global financial services company. Since 1973 CMA has been developing high-tech solutions for capital markets all over the world and is the leading technology used for capital markets exchange trading in Brazil. CMA runs three core business units which provide market data, order management and connectivity to over 70 market leading broker dealers have over 17,000 workstations deployed and provide advance market data from over 100 global exchanges.

Dan Watkins