Pradee, a New Young Adult Fantasy Fiction Novel by Clarissa Johal

Clarissa Johal has written a young adult fantasy centered within a world divided by different races and belief systems. Pradee is a novel which will lead the reader into regions of otherworldly creatures and adventure. A world where friendships are tested and different cultures explored.

Raleigh, NC, April 21, 2010 --( Clarissa Johal has released her first novel, Pradee, now available on and

“The countries and people that make up our world are more alike than we think,” states Clarissa Johal. “I tried to, within this adventure and “otherworldliness,” give nuances of that. The regions within this world have been divided by war and belief systems. Within the discovery of other creatures and cultures, my heroes experience an adventure and understanding that goes beyond their initial intention. Their adventure has the power to change or destroy their world as they know it. And their understanding of the other cultures expands their world as they know it. I wanted to draw upon my experiences of moving yearly as a child and that constant feeling of being an outsider. I think alienation is an important theme in this book.”

The book took ten years to complete. It was shelved on and off as Clarissa took time to raise a family. Once both of her children were in school, the book took another two years before it was finally finished and ready to publish. “I struggled against the economy trying to get this book published,” Clarissa shares. “I was getting good feedback, but because I was a new writer, publishers were hesitant to take me on. Finally, I decided to jump in with both feet and initially published on Lulu. It’s been a journey.” is the premier marketplace for digital content on the Internet, with over 300,000 recently published titles, and more than 4,000 new titles added each week, created by people in 80 different countries. Lulu is changing the world of publishing by enabling the creators of books, video, periodicals, multimedia and other content to publish their work themselves with complete editorial and copyright control. With Lulu offices in the US, Canada the UK and Europe, Lulu customers can reach the globe.

Clarissa Johal has done everything from working as a veterinary assistant and vegetarian chef to volunteering as a zoo-keeper’s assistant and swimming with six-foot sturgeon. Clarissa is currently working on her next project, a paranormal fantasy fiction novel entitled; Between. You may contact her on her website;

Pradee is available for purchase or download on and is now available on and

Clarissa Johal