Rockstar Billionaire Couture - Leon Verres' Unmatched Luxury Streetwear Collection

Leon Verres is one of the outstanding designers of our time, boss of a continuously growing luxury product empire and the creator of the worldwide celebrated “Le Billionaire Champagne,” the most expensive and most luxurious champagne of all times.

Seattle, WA, April 22, 2010 --( Especially the show-piece of the “Le Billionaire Champagne” product range, the 9 liter diamond bottle, is worth 2.75 million dollars and conquered the whole world with its majestic look during the “Le Billionaire Champagne” world tour last year. Only 6 months after the introduction of the “Le Billionaire Champagne“ series, it had already taken 42 countries by assault. The Leon Verres Luxury Group has been able to strengthen its position as the worldwide fastest growing independent luxury goods company due to its impressive entry into the world of the champagne market. However, this is by far not the end of Leon Verres' worldwide conquest, because the charismatic luxury designer, who looks like a rock star, now goes powerfully strong again with his brand-new fashion label “Rockstar Billionaire.” The first item of the rocking street wear collection, which is manufactured from the most classy materials, is a fancy t-shirt series with Leon Verres' legendary slogan “Bundeswear Couture,” which was already created in the 90s.

This slogan, which points out Leon Verres' German background, already decorated the cool t-shirts, which the whole Leon Verres crew proudly wore during the “Le Billionaire Champagne” world-tour. This pride spread like wildfire among the fashionistas and the media representatives, who flocked to the “Le Billionaire Champagne” events. It was the same at every location, whether it was Los Angeles, New York, Tokyo, Moscow or Shanghai, everyone wanted to have "this fancy rocking German t-shirt". When even numerous international stars from the hot movie-, music- and fashion scene asked Leon Verres for the rocking “Bundeswear Couture” t-shirt after the glamorous tour, the decision was made. The very cool “Bundeswear Couture” t-shirts will form the spearhead of the new streetwear super brand “Rockstar Billionaire.”

Especially the more than 2 million registered customers of the Leon Verres Luxury Group can barely wait to be finally able to wear the “Bundeswear Couture” t-shirts from their favorite luxury label on their skins and to feel like a rock star. This will be possible soon. The "Rockstar Billionaire" collection from Leon Verres will be brought on the market with the motto: "The New World Streetwear Order” this year already. It will be available in selected fashion shops in Germany, the USA, Canada, Russia, Australia and Japan as well as in hot online-stores all over the world.

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The Leon Verres Luxury Group is currently one of the worldwide leading independent selling groups of high-quality fashion- and luxury goods.

Francis McDermott