Agency Sector Management Addresses Changes to Trade Under the Modernised Customs’ Code at Multimodal

As well as exhibiting at the Multimodal exhibition in Birmingham later this month, Agency Sector Management (UK) Ltd, the UK’s leading provider of software solutions for the freight industry, will present at a key seminar discussion on the first day.

London, United Kingdom, April 22, 2010 --( Peter MacSwiney, chairman of ASM is to join a discussion on legal, Customs and regulatory topics that are currently facing the global supply chain as well as possible future issues and questions that will impact on operations and business activity in the supply chain in years to come.

Mr MacSwiney says: “Freight agents and the international trading community which they serve are in the midst of the biggest upheaval in EU Customs ever. This particular seminar, which neatly concludes the timetable on the first day, is a great opportunity for attendees to come along and put any concerns they might have to a panel of experts. I look forward to talking on my theme of the changes to trade under the modernised Customs’ Code.

“Never before in commerce has there been such a need as there is now to exchange data electronically with a greater number of people, commercial players as well as governments and Customs players throughout the supply chain.”

Customs authorities throughout the 27 EU states are engaged in a process of centralisation and automation which aim to add security to the supply chain as well as speeding up processes and Customs clearance, leading to a significant rise in compliance issues for any company involved in global trade and international supply chains.

“Coming just weeks before we launch our Sequoia Product, this seminar will be a great opportunity to discuss and learn the topics that concern forwarders as they go about their business.

“I invite those attending Multimodal to attend the seminar and air the points and issues about the changes to customs documentation processing that concern them. Many might think they are alone in worrying about a particular issue only to find when they join this discussion that many share those concerns.”

The seminar, which starts at 3.30pm on the first day, April 27, has a key theme of the likely changes to Customs regimes and rules and how they will impact on the supply chain, and sees Mr MacSwiney joined by industry experts Dr Andrew Traill, Shipper’s Voice; Nigel Kotani, Partner, LLC Law; and John O’Connell, Director, Trade Services, BIFA.

Mr MacSwiney adds: “Even something as straightforward as AEO accreditation has thrown up unexpected issues and problems the designers did not contemplate. My purpose in joining this seminar will be to address valid issues that attendees have on the changes to Customs operations and how their companies may be affected.

“Even if at present you are not an ASM customer, please come along to the seminar and access the priceless advice on offer from the presenters. It will be well worth it.”

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